In the Dark


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Even if trapped in darkness, one will always search for the light.

This is a story of a young police officer searching for the answer to “Who am I?”

Xie Lanshan was an undercover drug enforcement officer who made his way inside the Golden Triangle’s most feared armed organization as the right-hand man of drug lord Mu Kun. After successfully returning to his post from the operation, an accidental case of police misconduct triggered a series of unexplainable headaches and hidden memories that began haunting him.

While investigating the truth behind his father’s death many years ago, Xie Lanshan utilizes his unique and sharp thinking from the perspective of a psychotic mu*derer to solve difficult cases around him. Plagued by this growing change and instability of both his mental health and personality, he will later meet a mysterious forensic sketch artist named Shen Liufei. Together, the two men will maintain a strange relationship; as friends and enemies, they solve mysterious cases one by one.

But, perhaps, there was another motive for the forensic artist to approach the young officer…

Associated Names
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Body of Crime
Zai Hei An Zhong
Ở Trong Bóng Tối
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4 Reviews

Jul 03, 2022
Status: Completed
Highly Recommended! I brought both volumes in Amazon.

The 1st case was alright to me as I was slowly getting into it. The 2nd case was quite interesting as I feel like I was learning something esp from the ML's knowledge. It was the 3rd case that make me really immersed in the plot. Plus, the truth behind the MC was really interesting and I felt sad for him about everyone's reactions toward him.

The characterizations of the MC were really interesting as there are contradictions but at the same time, it... more>> fit together. The ML was giving mixed signals about their relationships which made me confused but I understood where it coming from as I read it. Anyway, the dynamics of the MC and ML were great. The translators didn't include the more intimate scenes which I thought they did, so I found the raw and used Google translate. Here are the chapters that were missing. Hopefully, I got them all.


I used the website shubaow and the chapters are 84 (3), 92 (7) , 93 (1), 96 (4), 115 (5), 123 (3), 137 (4), 168 (2)


Btw, I like how most of the characters have "dark" and "light" sides to them which make them more real and unique. Although I felt some people who were mu*dered deserved it, the mu*derers still received the consequences under the law for mu*dering someone. <<less
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Jun 01, 2022
Status: Completed
I have the first volume and I absolutely love it, I’m so excited to finish it and get the second! 10/10 recommended

Update: The date is 6/1/22. I have officially finished the novel. 1000/10. The amount of feelings I felt reading this book was unimaginable. I cried and laughed. I feel so happy but bitter finally finishing this book.

For the sake of your reading journey, please read this masterpiece of a book
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Jul 10, 2023
Status: Completed
I bought all three volumes as ebooks. The story was extremely captivating.

One of the best things this novel has to offer are characters with depth and complexity.

The cases are really interesting. The way the story is written gives us a chance to connect some dots and feel included.

I also love how well XLS and SLF fit together.

I highly recommend. For me, it's one of my favorite ones and this is the first time I decided to post a review in hopes that more people will hear about this novel.
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Mar 16, 2024
Status: Completed
This was undoubtedly a very thrilling and an exciting read which will, to a certain extent, leave one's mind blown.

While usually I don't write reviews for whatever I read, I was however compelled to indulge myself for this one because it's just so.... intriguing. The whole premise is thrilling and so are the cases solved here. The MC and ML have very complicated personalities and so is their relationship which can only be defined as one hell of a rollercoaster ride. People have more to what they show and the... more>> characters in this book are a prime example of that.

There are certain points in this book which is quite messy and at one point there's actually a lot to remember and follow up on. This book will also make some question the kind of beliefs that exist in the society but that is exactly what this book aims at; bringing one at the brink of morality and immorality.

Personally it was a very good read but I may be a little biased considering my immense love for crime thrillers. Overall, it was satisfying and intriguing and it keeps one keep wanting for more. <<less
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