In My Second Life, He was a Boy, But Now He’s a Knight and Dotes on Me


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Suddenly, Sakira (Sarah) arrived in another world and met a ten-year-old boy named Luke, who had fallen into a state of disrepair.

Sarah rescued him and began to live with him, but one day she suddenly found herself back in her own world.

A few years later, Sarah found herself back in that world and met Luke again, as a 25 year old knight and baron who was the best ice wizard in the land.

“I’ve been coming to this place every day for the last 15 years.

Because I wanted to see you.”

He was ten years younger than her, but he had become a beautiful young man, two years older than her…!?

This was the story of how Luke used the excuse of repaying his debt to look after and capture his first love, Sarah.

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Futatabime no isekai, shōnendatta kare wa toshiue kishi ni nari dekiai shite kuru
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