In a World Filled with Deserts, an Old Man with Electronic Money


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When a hapless office worker, Kato Taro (Middle-aged, single) woke up, he found himself in a different world filled with deserts called the 『Great Desert.』

Taro was summoned as a 『World Reformer』to improve the world, but the king saw his a middle-aged man and has a dull appearance so he declared the summoning a failure. In the end Taro was banished to another city, but the sandship he was aboard on was attacked by a swarm of monsters called Sand Beasts.

This was plotted by the king to kill Taro to summon a new 『World Reformer』

But Taro managed to escape and decided to wander the desert

However his discovery of an oasis marks a turning point for Taro! With his encounter with beautiful girls (?) and acquiring a rare skill called 『Internet Shopping』 The old man decided to live in the desert as he pleases!

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Sabaku darake no Sekai de , Ossan ga Denshimane de Musou suru
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Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi (1)
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sjmcc13 rated it
August 30, 2020
Status: c26
So my first thought from the description was "Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi" meets dune. It is not, but I could not help make the discussion.

The MC is a middle aged office worked who has not full gotten over the death of his fiance 20 years prior, and it still committed to her.

So the MC is summoned by a nation that uses summoned individuals (the nation is able to summon 1 person every 50 years) to help improve their world and lives.

The king of this nation, who seems to... more>> have severe inferiority issues and possibly to much desire to prove his worth due to having been constantly compared to his deceased but superior older brother, is overly obsessed with appearances and does not like the looks of the MC so he considers the summoning a failure from the start, and if the MC had not addressed himself with a full name (including family name) causing them to assume he is a noble in his world (which the MC did not correct them on) would have cast him out immediately.

Instead the King allows the MC to be trained for 1 month before being exiled, how kind...

The spoiler is a summary up to developing the shopping cheat listed, and goes a little past the story catching up to the prologue :


The MC does seem to be able to level up fast, but has a issue that there are no drop items from the monsters he kills, which the country does not like since he is being trained by the military and the nobles take all the military's drops for themselves (the nation seems to have extreme nepotism and corruption issues, with the nobles abusing the leveling and party shared experience mechanics to keep themselves stronger then the commoners). Oh and the drops include (the only legal source of) money which is explained to be a gift from the Gods, as nations do not mint their own and it is illegal for someone to make their own coins.


when he develops his online shopping ability, at level 200, it seems all the drops have been getting converted to funds for that


After a month of training the MC has reached a decent level and is sent on a (sand based) ship to a neighboring nation, only 2 people see him off, except it gets attacked by monsters along the way and everyone other then the MC and the crew who took off immediately and never returned.


The king had the crew travel along a very dangerous path, as opposed to their normal much safer route, and run away because they can summon a new reformed in 5 years of the current one dies. Otherwise fleeing would have been career ending, and they never would have been where they were attacked. The MC finds out about the re summoning exception from the Female Leads shortly after meeting them


The MC takes what he can from the wreck and sets off, eventually reaching a loan oasis (it is surrounded by monster nests and there is no safe way in or out) where he meets the 2 female companions. Both are former aristocrats of the summoning kingdom, including the King's sister, but were effectively kicked out (despite being very skilled combatants and the desert monsters being very real threats) for not lining up with that worlds standards of beauty. This is one thing I find amusing considering how often it is ignored, but the standards of beauty have varied widely over the centuries, and their worlds standard for women seems to be an strictly defined exaggeration of a low resource starvation prone setting (a lot of beauty standards come form what your appearance says about your social and economic status, and in a world where resources are scarce and starvation is prone being overweight becomes the standard because it means you are not starving, where s when fattening foods become cheaper and plentiful like in the developed world becoming thin becomes the standard since it means you are eating better foods). Yes, the image obsessed king demoted his sister out of the royal family and and sent her to an effective prison simply for being to thin...

They start passing the time with the only entertainment available to them of leveling, and when the MC crosses level 200 (For reference the MC was early 70's when he finishes him month of training and IIRC early 120's after the swarm destroyed the ship he was on, but the princess is in the mid 500's when they meet) he gains his net shopping skill (develops in ch 16, tests in ch 17). Which allows him to purchase goods at the equivalent price of modern Japan (but with a 100% of price delivery charge)


there is a 1 month offer to permanently wave it if he pays a large sum up front, but what they have does no cover it, The prologue appears to be them in the middle of raising the remaining finds needed.


Afterwards they go to lead an easier life with the benefits they can gain from the skill (there are very few food sources at the oasis, so the ingredients are a major benefit), until the oasis starts to dry out and they need to leave to find somewhere else they can live.


So what we are seeing here is :

  1. An actual explanation for why the MC gets booted so easily other then for the evulz.
  2. Justification for why the girls would fall for the MC so fast

    as being told you are ugly your entire life will make you fall for the man who says you are the image of beauty where I am from, especially when he produces clothes made for their body type in mind, swim wear he got through his online shopping, will do a lot. Him being the only man in the area, so it is him or go Yuri, also helps

  3. A reason for him to ignore their advances at first (a IIRC 19 and 25 year age gap, but mostly the memory of his dead fiance)
  4. A reason to travel and adventure

    since they want to find a new home

  5. The MC does not have the standard identification and storage, or any other cheats, off the bat

    though he gets storage somewhere between 70 and 125 (he gets it after the ship is attacked)

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Data rated it
December 21, 2020
Status: v20
It's okay.

Definitely reminds me of tondemo but that comes much much later because of the supermarket cheat.

Only thing weird is a chapter where he convinced a himself it's okay to marry even with a 20 year age gap which just seems like the author copping out for the harem
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