Immortal Soaring Blade


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One ant like mountain boy.

A long path of cultivation filled with difficulties.

A fantasy cultivation world filled with wonders.

A young boy named Zhao Jiuge lived with his adopted grandfather in a remote village at the foot of a mountain. Their lives were difficult but they were happy to have each other. However circumstances soon force Zhao Jiuge to leave the comfort of his home and step onto the path of cultivation. Join Zhao Jiuge on his journey through the cultivation world so that he may have gain control of his own destiny!

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supermop2525 rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: v2c122
Updated: 2/5 at best, writing style is a little different so its slightly refreshing but the MC really does have the IQ of a chimpanzee, and not a bright one at that. Doesn't get better anytime soon.

It is better than most cultivation novels, remember that going into the review. Gave it a 3/5, most novels would be a fat 0.5/5. Maybe 0.

Only redeeming quality of this novel is a fresh writing style and somewhat logical reasoning into the child MC's actions. Makes for better read than most. Sure falling... more>> for the cold beauty as a kid could be explained but the author is another typical author who's probably never so much as held a girl's hand. Every girl is a "beauty, snow white skin or some other delicate trait blah blah" just about every girl ends up liking the MC for no reason because "when had she ever been treated like this??" like just bottom tier romance as almost all of these cultivation novels have. Can't forget the cliche rich kid who hates the MC cause he hangs out with "beautiful talented girl #500", gets his ass whooped but hates the MC's guts over this. Of course this introverted child MC just randomly learns how to flirt and banter with girls but goes back to stuttering randomly too.

Typical joins the most glorious sect of the past but its last place now, "we need to revive our glory blah blah" crap. Of course its also a sword sect but this can be excused because he is a typical kid that just likes swords.

Enemies in the sect are of course rich kids and you have the rich/nobles vs poor kids, its garbage and not interesting, stop beating a dead horse. Rich kids of course always target the MC only even though a bunch of them hate each other too Everyone targets the MC and MC never knows he's being targeting.

Overall decent read, just the girls and "harem" tag is complete cr*p, other things are minor. While this is a negative review, always remember that this is still much better than most of the cultivation novels eg. MGA, ATG, etc <<less
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warmonger23 rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: v2
This novel is bland. This is the most average novel in the entire cultivation world. Has countless cliches that do not change one bit. The good about this novel?

  • translations and writing styles are excellent. Yes I know this should be standard but it really doesn’t have much good points. I maybe a harsh critic in your eyes or is the standard of cultivation novels low?
  • Fights are not too bad I guess. Didnt really leave an impression on me though.
whats bad about it?

  • Bland character. This MC is a child compared to other MC. He has the same mentality as the rest of what you expect an MC of this type to have, however he is just younger. Examples ? A random disciple had conflict with his friends family and wanted his treasures. Typical response is run away and escape, come back stronger and kill entire sect. That’s exactly what this MC wants to do, to flatten a sect due to a random little disciple that offended him. Typical nothing groundbreaking.
  • conflicts come from pretty much nothing. Yep that explains it exactly. Arrogant young masters, greedy old men...
  • women fall in his lap too easily. Let’s say if this kid wasn’t the MC, then the women wouldn’t even spare him a glance. But for some reason he interacts a few days or weeks with a girl and they start catching Feelings for him. Meh average story.
  • one of the worst things of this novel is the MC mindset. This guy wants to get stronger why? Because of revenge? No.
    because of finding mysterious background? No.
    because he wants to be the best? No.
    because he is looked down upon by a random pretty girl and wants to make her his? Yes. Literally that. He then claims that he has a lot of baggage and has to get stronger. Haha his baggage is this aspiration. The MC mindset is dominated by him thinking his fate is grand and he has to be the best but he is just chasing the shadow of a woman...
overall this story is average and nothing to waste time on. I would highly recommend investing your time in something else as this novel doesn’t even scratch my itch.
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hiddennoir rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: v2c277
Three stars for a good start. The first 100 to 200 chapters we actually have a good story. There is a MC who is realistic, not OP from the start and with some smarts. In addition, he as normal relationships with women. Sadly, after about 100 to 200 chapters everything changes. MC becomes strong, brain-dead and the previous normal relationships with women changes. Every woman becomes a harem candidate.
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