Immortal Father


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“I was transported, and so was my dad.”

Li Ping’an had already arranged everything. He established a solid family business for Old Li in the mortal world, arranged connections for himself to enter an immortal sect, and then set his sights on the path of immortality, ready to seize his opportunity to become an immortal.

However, little did he know, everything changed on the day he participated in the aptitude test in the mortal world…

This is a Xianxia light comedy novel from the author of My Senior Brother is Too Steady.

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onlycrimson123 rated it
January 10, 2024
Status: c10
TL;DR: A boring and soulless work with nothing to keep me reading it.

This book is quite a disappointment. The author's other book, My Senior Brother is Too Steady, was a fantastic read, and none of that quality can be seen in this book.

If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be "soulless." The cultivation system is the basic "sitting in a lotus position" that I thought we did away with a decade ago, the characters have no motivation or personality or 'life' in general, and the... more>> plot is as bland as can be.

There is nothing in this novel that makes it stand out apart from every other cultivation novel ever made. In fact, I would say that this novel is inferior to generic novels in many ways. Ordinary cultivation novels, at least generally, have some sort of gimmick that is unique or entertaining in some way. This novel has nothing good, and even its roots as a cultivation novel are tainted by the gimmick it has. What I mean by this is that this novel could have been something mediocre, but because of the fact that MC's father transmigrated as well, even that is ruined.

Without his father, this would have been an extremely basic novel of an MC slowly gaining strength despite limited talent and fortune. An overused and simple plot, but a readable one nonetheless. However, because of his father's presence, the main character doesn't even have to cultivate or do anything. He can sit on his ass and be a salted fish and still cultivate immortality. There is no challenge or goal or anything at all to look forward to in the future.

Even despite this, this novel would not be completely unreadable if there were interesting character interactions, or other aspirations the main character has, or anything at all. This novel has nothing. The characters are robotic and virtually indistinguishable from each other and the main character seemingly only wants to "become stronger" for absolutely no reason.

Besides this, even the world itself is lacking in this novel. There is almost no world-building and almost no imageric descriptions. The main character is on a mountain. That is all I know.

Additionally, the author is highly suspicious. The MC is 25 years old and recently a 13-year-old has been introduced. While there is nothing definite yet, I am almost certain that she is going to be a love interest. The author creepily mentions how "curvy" her "young body" is. He even makes comments about how she is "basically mature" despite the fact that she is 13! We even had a scene of the main character walking in on her being mysteriously drenched in water, with her clothes sticking tightly to her "beautiful figure." Disgusting.

No surprise, this is also a power-fantasy/wish-fulfillment novel. The main character already has the broken cheat of just speedrunning cultivation by doing nothing, but the author decided that wasn't enough. He also has a crazy perception and comprehension beyond even the most heavenly geniuses and can also just do anything apparently. The reason I say that is because he wanted to gift a crossbow to his 13-year-old bride and he just could make it for some reason? And it also somehow can severely harm people ABOVE his cultivation realm? Despite being made of sticks and rocks?

Also, this novel is highly pseudo-intellectual. The MC observed his pedophilic love interest having trouble with circulating her Qi so he says, and I quote, "The clouds are rising and gathering. Gurgling by themselves, rivers flow back to the sea, moving west and east according to the circumstances." Hearing this, the girl falls into an epiphany and immediately knows how to circulate her Qi perfectly. Whatever, at this point.

For my final note, the author randomly inputs, "A girl's mind was always emotional and ignorant." This is completely out of nowhere. It is also kind of funny to me, if all of the women in the author's story are ignorant, doesn't that say something about the author?

Despite all of this, I still gave it two stars instead of one. The translator for this novel is pretty good, with almost no mistakes I could see. It is also rather impressive for him to be able to slog through translating 3000 word chapters of THIS novel daily. Also, I still have some bias toward this author, but I can only show that through a two-star review. That says something. <<less
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