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Luo Shuyu was pointed out by the emperor’s imperial decree to the third prince Li Mingjin, who had a sinister and paranoid personality. The two had been married for three years. Li Mingjin always treated him with no words and coldly.

In an accident, the two rounded up the room, and Luo Shuyu became pregnant by accident. After he gave birth to a son, Li Mingjin was imprisoned for collaborating with the enemy and sentenced to beheading. His one-month-old son was dying and he also received a glass of poisoned wine.

Unexpectedly, Li Mingjin escaped from prison, desperately sent him and his son out of the city, and died after blocking arrows for them. No one in the family survived.

Luo Shuyu only realized after his death that he was a supporting role in the novel “After Transmigrating Into a Book Four Big Brothers Are Fighting Into Marry Me “. The cousin from the countryside was the protagonist in the book. He was from the future world and he carried with him the goldfinger so he could hook up with the so-called big men in the book all the way to a high position, and finally got together with the fourth prince he supported and became Wu’s first male queen.

He and Li Mingjin were the villains in the early stage, and they were the obstacles in the way of the male protagonist’s ascent. If he wanted them to die, they would die.

Luo Shuyu woke up and returned to the day when the decree that he and Li Mingjin would married came. Three days later, the man who lived and died with him appeared in front of him and saw that he was still alive, young and handsome. He cried at Li Mingjin. The 18-year-old boy Li Mingjin raised his sleeves to wipe his tears, and said gloomily, “Don’t cry.” Although a bit fierce, his movements were extremely gentle.

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New annie.png
March 25, 2024
Status: Completed
Good book! Thought how they wrapped up the System issue was pretty interesting, and I really liked the dynamic between ML and MC.
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Hell rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: c123
It’s a really good book. I like Luo Shuyu’s style and personality, he’s a very compelling MC and his and Li Mingjin’s relationship is very sweet too, with no problems except some strangeness at the very start (obviously, due to ML’s reputation and his own understanding of it), but it’s very good.

The plot has enough political drama to not be boring (in fact, all the conflict in the book is either political in nature, or because of Shen Mingyun’s brainless things, or because of Luo Shuyu’s trauma from his last... more>> life, and it works well as it don’t strain the relationship between the leads too much), but it’s quite interesting and not overly complicated; the way of writing is also straightforward and the MTL is easily digestible as well.

The character development is very well done, and the characterizations are specially good and true to their cores. Characters don’t feel stereotyped, and some details might catch the reader from the back, which is also good, in a not patronizing and well thought way.

That said, my favorite part of the novels is definitely the little theaters at the end, I was laughing so much lol (specially from ch. 86 and 96, I almost died laughing) ; the fact these are also canon conversations, aka roleplay, as revealed in the ending chapters, is specially refreshing.

Finally, the fact Luo Shuyu can manage to overpower the system all by his wits and loving family, and without ever losing his composure and grace, is very refreshing. Props to him!

(RANT) Spoiler about Shen Mingyun’s ending, and some general spoilers about the system and plot:


In the end I even sympathized with him. He was s*upid and petty, definitely with some internalized bullsh*t and problems to deal with, but he really didn’t deserve this ending. He was taken from his last life by the system only to aid the original world’s villain, and he was cheated and used left and right, all without realizing how he sent himself to the wolf’s mouth and how there were people who genuinely could have helped him had he done right. Although it’s a little too much to expect Luo Shuyu to forgive him (c’mon, his last life’s death was really tragic), I’m sure SMY could have led a good life elsewhere had he not been s*upid and obeyed the system everywhere. Also, although his ideas were s*upid and often selfish, he sometimes had good thoughts towards the women and princes (gers) of this era, and I really believe if it wasn’t for this system, he could have at least led a normal life in that era. Anyways, watching his kids vanishing from thin air was also pretty tragic for him, and he realized his mistakes at the end, which was also a great way from the author to arouse sympathy from the readers and very realistic for the character.

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Miccie368 rated it
October 18, 2021
Status: c10
This story had so much potential.

But the terrible writing (even in the original language) is really bad.

Also "translator" definitely just copied and pasted the Google translated version, I compared them and it basically matched word for word. Even the awkward grammar and spelling. Like "colluded" which was wrong in Chinese also got translated wrong in English as "collided".

It's such a shame. I wish I could find another similar story that actually doesn't read like a high schooler wrote it.
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hy-d-ra rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Shortly, I quite liked it despite its' shortcomings.

The idea behind this novel isn't bad. From one side we have a transmigrator with a system whose main aim is to help the 4th prince to ascend the throne. On the other hand we have our MC who originally suffered from his ignorance and regretted his life before he was reborn and now could try to re-build his life.

The beginning gives you quite a push with the drama, because it's a really sad notion that will exist with MC for a long... more>> time, until his current happiness doesn't dispell nightmares from the past. Even if the author's style is jittery, but you can feel the attempt to build the growth from grief to letting it go. Although, since this novel is in an "easy" category, the text is indeed easy and is not overweight with dramatization and dwelling into the feelings of MC. So the main part is about getting together, being low-key, building up and then taking part in the throne race.

The thing I'd comment on in he first place would be the length of this novel. Tbh I find it quite long for its' content, but it's my own preference, since there was a lot of tossing and loopholes created because of it. What I'm talking about is that similar situations of running and catching of SMY kept happening a lot, although the overall situation to me was okay.

But the ending of the "villains" made me forget the shortcomings they've gone through. Tbh the 4th prince it seemed to have suffered early dementia because of SMY, he sometimes seemed the same low-level IQ species and not the previously cunning as described. Yet I'd like to note that I can appreciate how the ending was handled for them (*spoilers* but their two kids were brought in by the system, so when the system disappeared the two cubs disappeared too right in front of 4th prince and SMY, so this made them devastated and realize how many foolish things they did before).

It's also a bit exagerrated how SMY image was over-satirized and brought up many unfavorable sides, except for his good looks. Which showed him as if a dancing clown who has no brains, no style. But from other point it was a good showcase of how a transmigrator doesn't care about the original people of this world, treats them as NPCs and doesn't shy away from poisoning people or killing children. He simply gets so confused with his own success, with satuated vanity, that he simply lost characteristics of being a decent human being.

On the other hand our MC and ML. Just good and smart characters. They basically exist in contrast to everything and are model rulers. I don't consider MC and ML being loving during entire novel a bad thing, others might find it bleak, but it's not bad to me in their case. They're a model of a loving and respectful couple.

In the end. For some reason I want to compare such story to a web drama on a scale of quality, you know it's not a big production and you can smell the lack of funding, screenwriter put ina bunch of different episodes, thus the result :) <<less
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Sonata123 rated it
November 21, 2021
Status: Completed
It's 2.5 stars, actually.

When I started reading this story, I was sure it would be five perfect stars. I love rebirth in historical setting, and the MC's suffering in the past life made me feel immediately emotionally involved. I wanted to see him getting his revenge and I wanted to see him happy. I also liked him very much and his interactions with the ML were so cute.

All right, I enjoyed the first third of the story a lot. Then it started to get somewhat boring. The MC and the... more>> ML are a power couple, fine, nothing seriously bad happens to them, they always win... you can only enjoy same thing same thing for a certain period of time, then it gets repetitive and uninspiring. The last time I felt a little emotional about the MC and the ML was when their child was born. After that, it read like an endless info dump. Something was happening, they were doing something, but there was no emotional involvement at all.

Plus, the author spent so much time on describing what happened to the antagonist. And these parts of the text were really bad. The author was so obvious in her dislike of him, so forceful in describing how unlikable he was - that I actually felt sorry for him, not as a person but as a character who was abused by the author.

Oh, and fat-shaming. It was so crude it made me feel second hand embarrassment for the author. But at that moment I still didn't give up hope on this book.

Then the last third started. And it was so boring my eyes were crossing. Nothing was happening. If something was happening, it was slow and meaningless, or took extremely long, and was boring. I just wanted it to be over. And then everything was resolved. And it was... I don't know how to put it... so cold and brutal. By then I already didn't sympathize with the MC and the ML, and I didn't hate the villains, and I just felt uncomfortable about everything, like being in a company of absolutely alien strange people. It's not the feeling you should have when finishing a book.

It was a book I loved when I started reading it, and it was such a big disappointment in the end. <<less
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Roop rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm happy that someone took this novel to translate. I read it on jjwxc TWICE and looooove it.
The story is about reborn MC after he died with his child n ML. MC gives a bit OP vibe n plans everything very carefully. Although it is a revenge story but that's not everything, the couple also developed together.
I really don't know how to explain everything but if you persist till the first time of of MC n ML (coz that's when MC dug a pit for the villain not the first time but main plot) I'm sure this novel will be interesting for you
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Suyo rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: Completed
It’s a very good story. I liked the leads so much. Both of them are smart and loyal. Unlike the other historical novel about the princes who wanted the throne, our leads are genuinely good people. They never hurt innocent people for their goal.

... more>>

they were even willing to let the fourth prince go in the end if he didn’t try to kill them first.


l liked both of them so much.

I want to strangle the cousin so many times. I don’t really think he was a bad person but he’s too s*upid and easy to use. However he did one good thing


he let our leads be together.
in the original book before the cousin transmigration, our leads didn’t meet. The ML become the emperor but our MC never appeared in it.


To be honest I felt bad for all the princes. I understand them. Every one of them wanted to protect himself and his family. All of them are afraid. Being in the royal family is truly terrifying.

I wanted to hit the fourth prince so many times especially when


he cheated!! I won’t lie I really want the relationship between him and the cousin to be bad but I hate cheaters so much. I was happy about what the cousin did when he found out. He deserves it!

it was funny when the cousin slept with the same man who slept with the fourth prince.
the sound prince of zhu slept with them both lol


About the system


it’s a villain helping system. His goal is to help the fourth prince to take the throne.


the children of the


The fourth prince and the cousin were so cute. I liked them so much. I was very sad when I knew they weren’t real.


I like our ML’s mother. She is really strong woman. Worthy of being a princess.

I liked the ger of the wei family who stayed in the harem. I wanted to read more about him. He was a very interesting character. I wonder why he was sent to the harem in the first palace. I don’t feel he wanted it and his family is strong enough. <<less
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ylial rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: c127
I like the story because the MC is not unreasonable and is brought up well. He is also low key and good natured. The ML is very suitable for him!! And the story gets better, every after chapter. The characters and story are somewhat realistic. The villians are selfish but not pure evil.

I also like the emperor, he equally loves his son and "sane". Though as an emperor, he may have selfishness, it is within bounds.

The downside is that MC is virtuous and it annoys me.... more>> This led the villain to be more out of their bounds. And it is very irritating to see for so long the unreasonable Shen Mingyue. Also, it seems like im reading a BG novel instead of BL <<less
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Kaylee rated it
October 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I love the idea, a naive lazy to think transmigrator contracted with a double faced system versus a rebirth determined to support his husband and to throw the villains back to where they should belong. The good guy is the rebirth one.

Nonetheless, the author only wrote and elaborated one side of pov, and kinda biased toward another so it didnot play that well. Several complicated thigns werenot explained and not followed up enough. And I feel, the characterizations and plot were not solidly built from the get go so it... more>> was a free fall from there to the end. For example, the male villain played a big part as he was paired as the husband with/for the transmigrator, but his characteristic was too slow to build, either he was characterized as a wishy washy or the author just paired him with the most suitable counterpart to match for transmigrator.

As I mentioned, the author made clear comparison between the rebirth MC and the transmigrator so we could say which one was the good guy and bad guy. The author also only touched the rebirth MC with clear purpose of what he was going to do and the process of his thinking so we understood MC better. In contrast to that, we were given of what the transmigrator's impression from what the rebirth MC impression of him from what he read one time and decided 'this is how the transmigrator'. And we knew the rebirth MC hated the transmigrator so much, he considered him as someone totally useless, unimportant and should not exist in their world. In which was correct, but the fault was with the system.

The plots for the throne intrigue were good, but the finishing for each parts fell flat. And the plot line for the system was actually cliche but also wildly created by the end of it. The system and the transmigrator's characterizations were obviously brought to make a very contrasting statement from the rebirth MC. It's like to make people see how good one is, you need to low/mock the other's. That's what.

I couldnt help but feel mixed with which characters should I put myself. The transmigrtor may be lazy, stvpid, too progressive, kind, didnot follow the toxic mindset of the ancient, very open minded, his only thought was to survive, etc but that was what made him a modern man. Someone who didnot want to annoy himself with listening to what others said or critique just because he didnot want to follow them, just because he wanted to do business and be lazy in his life, just because he wanted to be free to speak to whomever. Honestly, if I meet people that still hold the ancient view in this era, I might also demean or underestimate them. Saying stuff like 'this is the 2021 ffs! Dont be so old fashion.' (Luckily, I dont).

The first time I read an ancient rebirth character which still held his era mindset and eventhough he also agreed and took few modern thinking but he didnot succumb to it. MC was not a person with the principle of modern era's person, and all the righteous view. He justified how he hated all the villains and the transmigrator for the suffering he (and his husband) experienced and had no qualms in seeing them died.

The conclusion both he and his husband took after they found out that they're in a world of novel was also something else. Kudos to author for that. <<less
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honmeikyuu rated it
April 8, 2023
Status: Ongoing

Someone else picked it up!!! OMG thank you so much ㅠAㅠ. Changing my rating once I've finished reading

Previous review/rant: ↓↓↓

I feel like this has so much potential but the "translation" is literally insufferable. I had high hopes since the plot is within my alley but it's so hard to read.

*checks the comment section of the story*

Ah makes sense, "translator's" first language isn't even Chinese nor English. Hopefully a more decent translator picks this up, but that's very unlikely now... TTATT

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Qwex rated it
October 16, 2021
Status: c17
Poorly written and boring.

In this 17 chapters barely anything happens. It is just MC living his (boring) life. He and ML met two really short times, so no relationship development here (in universe reason is that they shouldn't meet before weddind, but then maybe pace it differently?). For some reason ML seems already into MC. Like, when they meet for the first time, MC gave ML a letter and ML was disappointed that it is not a love letter. Him expecting a love letter/confession becomes a running joke, and I... more>> guess the author was going for "aloof and strong guy wants attention from his waifu", but forgot to show us what type of person he actually is. So ML is as interesting as a cardboard cutout.

The last drop that made me drop this snorefest: MC's mom died in a sudden death. MC suspected that she was mu*dered by his stepmom. MC tried to investigate, but met a dead end and had to give up. A couple of days prior the wedding he was taking a walk in a garden and happened to overhear a maid taking to someone about this mu*der. And not just talking, she confessed that she did it and had evidence. A confession of a mu*der that happened 10 years prior. Right in front of MC. Who was just casually strolling in a garden. Is it lazy writing, or is it lazy writing?

MC is so pathetic that he couldn't avenge his mother without deus ex machina.

Add to that a brainless cannon fodder of antagonist, and you have a truly not enjouable experience. <<less
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dd737 rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: c122
My new fav! I really love both MC and ML. My new ultimate CP haha

After reading the first two translated chapters, I decided to go and mtl this novel. It easy to read, though I most definitely will re-read this novel after all the chapters are translated. Thank you for the translator for their hardwork.

I know this will be my new favourite danmei from reading the summary. All the checklist are there, how can it not?

Though, I was worried that it will turn to the direction which I dislike the... more>> most, that is all the male characters will attracted to the MC. AND IT DID NOT! HAHAHA The MC is the example of "you can be awesome without every male characters chasing you" and I think many novel should be like this, stop trying to prove the awesomeness of their protagonist by making every male characters fascinated by them 🙄 (though there were part in the beginning where the empress or the concubine (?) regrets that the MC is not married to their sons haha)

The mini theatre are gold haha. Both MC and ML really love each other and I really enjoyed their dynamic. Both of them really missed out each other too much in their previous life : (They are typical calm x rogue pairing haha. I really enjoyed their moments before marriage, although short but it is so cute, especially when the MC indirectly shows his jealousy to the ML haha.

The angst is not much shown after the latter chapters, but I can't help and thinking


seeing how the ML became spoiled as soon as he married to the MC, I can't help but thinking that in the previous life the ML also hoping that he could be closer to his wife. Alas, the MC was staying away from the ML because MC believes in the rumours, and ML was quite awkward too. The MC realized how much he missed out in his previous life and make up for it in the current life :). I have to thank the person who gives ML aphrodisiac in the previous life haha.


About the transmigrator, he is really brainless... most of the time, except when cathcing someone's cheating lmao. Though, I think he is quite realistic? Being a modern man who suddenly transmigrated to a novel world then given tasks by a system, how could he not thinking that all of this is just a game and not real? Tbh, sometimes I sympathize with him.

especially when his children are disappearing (or taken away by the main system?)


All in all, this is a great novel! Go ahead and read this (especially if you are tired with brainless face-slapping novel). <<less
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Klimintina rated it
June 18, 2023
Status: Completed
ML is one of the green flags out there. No other concubine. MC was reborn and regretted a lot how he didn't gave ML a chance for their relationship. Before they died, he realized that ML have loved him throughout the time they were together. Now given a chance, he takes revenge as well as making everything right with ML and their buns. ❤️
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Hadhira rated it
March 4, 2023
Status: Completed
I read from thenightwithoutthedawn. blogspot. com and m. shubaow. net/.

This is my thoughts while I was going through the novel:


I love the ML and the MC! They make a perfect couple. MC keeps ML on track. I love how ML tries to impress MC and loves him dearly. I love how they accept that they both have secrets and not everything needs to be shared. I honestly love how they love eachother!

The relationship between ML and Emperor is so cute 🤧! I get why Emperor likes ML the most.

I find Mingyun so gullible and dumb, so naive as well! He got fooled by the system so easily.

I fricking love third prince (ML)

THIS IS SO CUTE!!! ML AND MC GOT BRAINSSSSS! Honestly, gotta be in my top 5 list of best couples!

I like how MC feels emotions and isn’t just stoic all the time so does ML. He genuinely cries when he’s actually very distressed. They genuinely care and love eachother and it’s great to see it!

The couch is a lonely place... right Mingjin?

I find the emperor so cute man! Although, the relationships a bit you know, it’s a cute act 🤧🤧! I love how happy the emperor gets, so heartwarming




Can’t lie I used to feel bad for Mingyun until he tried hurting Shuyu’s baby... Now I don’t give a shi that he’s getting cheated on nor do I care about anything to do with him.



Damn... fourth Prince did his dad dirty man 🤧, tut tut tut, I was starting to like this guy as well! He should’ve forgotten about his ambition and eloped with Tuesday at this point

I’m very much shipping Tuesday and Fourth Prince together, just get married at this point. Run away... Elope together!


Such a heartwarming end honestly, I love how the fourth prince accepted reality and accepted that he could’ve been an ordinary prince if he didn’t have so much arrogance and ambition. I love the MC and ML for being human and giving him the chance to see his kids 🤧🤧

Loved the ending but sadly couldn’t read the last extras 🤧😭

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bluedrop rated it
March 2, 2023
Status: c55.2
The translations aren't the best but still readable and I'm still very much grateful to the translators still. I disagree with the reviewer below me that this novel was ruined. I've seen other projects that have been picked up by other teams despite having decent translations already available.

I hope the translators do continue and I would still be open to rereading it if others retranslate it. I enjoyed the story that much.

Altho as a disclaimer, I've enjoyed and tolerated the occasional MTL honestly for the sake of a good story.

I... more>> really liked the MC and ML, and how their relationship bloomed beautifully. It's definitely my cup of tea. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 7, 2023
Status: c40
I was expecting a little more scheming tbh. This novel ended up being mostly self-indulgent. Pretty much, every time the MC wants to get something done, he will encounter a convenient event that he can take advantage of to do it. Like this, it's not satisfying at all. After all, as a revenge/face-slapping oriented novel, you'd expect it to be a little deeper than that. This issue, and the fact that the couple was established pretty quickly (since this is a rebirth after all, and the ML fell in love... more>> at first sight), made it easy for the story to become dull after a while. All in all, it's not bad? Just not that good either. (OH, as for the TL, it appears to edited MTL and is not always clear. That may play a part in me not continuing after I started running out of chapters LOL).

SUMMARY: The MC, Luo Shuyu, had been hunted and chased down to death by a mysterious party along with his husband and child in his first life. All because of Shen Mingyun, a dense transmigrator with a SYSTEM who doesn't think about the consequences of his actions. The MC and his husband (the cold-faced but warm-hearted ML, Li Mingjin), had not really gotten along well in their first life because of misunderstandings and lack of communication. After being reborn the day the emperor decreed their marriage, the MC decided to fight for a better life for his once-family, and along the way, ruin the person who caused his downfall in the previous life. <<less
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erialolita rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: --
Up until chapter 60 was decent but it was pretty dry after that. It felt like a chore to finish this novel.

I really liked the premise but the authors writing was all over the place at times and the pacing was off. I'm also not sure why the author spent so much time on the border town with not much happening.

Agree with another review, that the fat shaming parts were awkward. I'm all for promoting healthy lifestyles but that isn't what that was. Felt like grade school taunting.

All in all... more>> not mad that I read this but probably won't read again. <<less
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masamune95 rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: Completed
The author introduced ML (as usual) as cold and ruthless. However, since we read from MC's perspective most of the time, he just appears to be adorable and dorky. I love it!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 26, 2023
Status: Completed
➺ 3.5/5 🌟

This reminded me of one of my favorite danmei 'The Wife is First' in terms of second chance love after rebirth. I loved the relationship between the MC and ML, so much sweetness without being cringe and the mutual understanding between the two of them is top notch. Also the communication in their relationship is perfect.

This is pretty simple plot wise and the antagonists are the kinds of characters that are not too smart, actually they're ridiculously s*upid most of the time who, instead of doing their antagonistic... more>> things against the MC and ML, they're just tripping over their own foot. But despite being not the greatest antagonists, they're entertaining to read. They served their purpose.

Because of this, my love of rebirth novels reignited, that's why I'm now on my mission to look for similar novels! <<less
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iamblair rated it
August 4, 2022
Status: Completed
A reborn MC trying to prevent his family's destruction x wife-s*ave ML

Their relationship is full of fluff. The plot is okay. Worth reading if you're looking for a revenge-type novel to pass your time.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Adlt_1226 rated it
February 11, 2022
Status: Completed
quite enjoyable... quite similar to another novel, but the with a system on one side... the characters are likable... the antagonist is not as ruthless, and quite naive and a bit ignorant; he does not even think things through nor does he analyze the situation, and blindly follows the system; at times I felt that he was quite pitiful, so I'm glad that the author was not as cruel when it came to their ending, although it was still sad... it's a bit long, but bearable, though I skimmed through... more>> several chapters as I kept reading... overall an okay read <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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