I’m the Brother of a Famous Vtuber, but When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop the Stream, Somehow I Became Famous


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I have a little stepsister named Shiojiri Isuzu who is a hikikomori and brocon.

When she is at home, she is the cute little sister and is usually very close to me and says, “I can’t live without you, brother!”

The true identity of Isuzu is ‘Isuzu Wine’, a very popular Vtuber with 1.9 million subscribers.
She is a very popular and promising newcomer, who has risen to her current position within six months of joining the big Vtuber agency.

I, on the other hand, was a shady guy who was ridiculed and dumped by my classmate, Kisogawa Kusumi as a ‘dull and not good-looking guy’.
But one day, Isuzu forgot to turn off the stream and her chat with me was broadcast.

Isuzu, who is a cheeky little demon character in the stream, is revealed to be actually a kind-hearted girl and a brocon, who fights in the stream for her poor family.
I will be all over the world as the gentle brother of Isuzu, and I will even make my debut as a Vtuber!

Meanwhile, Kusumi, who dumped me when I became popular, is slipping away and regrets losing her place in both real life and online, but it’s too late.

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Yūmei Vtuber no ani dakedo, gimai ga haishin kiriwasuretara, naze ka ore ga yūmei ni natta ~ inkya dakara to furareta ore ga, chou ninki burakon imouto no ani to shite chūmoku sa re, kitai no shinjin V to shite debyū surukedo imasara nandesu ka?
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New Ryuuseiboy1 rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: c7
This is a bit of summary that I read up (which isn't much) but it manage to cause me some headache. I appreciate translator to always deliver content without failed.

... more>>

This one are way too conflict to normal people behaviour. Open the typical first chapter is :

MC : Why you leaving me.

Girl : Hey! Look at this cute vtuber! She's so popular. You are nobody so I'm leaving you.

The reason isn't anything new but the flow of conversation is so mismatch.


MC : Finished?

Sister : Yes.

MC : Ok. Time to rambling about our whole family situation in the room with only me and my sister who clearly understand and know it without telling but I'm gonna talk about it anyways and also spill the name of who dumb me.

There's probably better way to explain situation to reader without this way but it's looked to me like he purposely doing that (he didn't)

Then come the next one.

Sister : Sowwy I mess up big time

Agency : Hmm. Let's not punish her for possibility of violation of contract and let's ask her bro to get into vtuber hellhole too

This ain't a novel about shady MC getting limelight but it is a "How to destroy someone socially 101"


I know that there's probably something to be done to fix their situation surrounding MC but at C6-7 it managed to kill my curiousity and interested too. <<less
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New rrobz rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: c22
First, as always, I give credit to the translators for their hard work - its a good job and well edited.

The story starts out pretty well, and I had some hope for it until about chapter 6, but the MC turns into such a pathetic simp I couldn't continue. In short, this is not worth your time unless you are into stories about this type of MC that is prevalent in Japanese light novels.
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