I’m Just a Mob Priest, but Since I Realized This World is an Otome Game, I’ll Train the Heroine.


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An unfortunate heroine appeared before me. It seems that this world is an otome game, and I am just an unnamed mob priest who appears briefly in the early stages. I could fulfill my role as a mob and quickly exit the game, but… wait a minute, if things go on like this, the heroine is going to face terrible hardships. To save this cute and kind yet unfortunate heroine, I have no choice but to train her myself!

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Cactiii rated it
April 7, 2024
Status: c21
So far the story has been pretty good, although very little has actually happened so its hard to really judge.

The one thing that really does worry me about the book is it going in the direction of the FL being the saint (the child he took in) for pretty obvious reasons. Theres a shocking number of books like this, where its a father adopting a daughter, that for some reason instead of just having them have a family relationship instead develops in a romantic direction, so I'm really hoping that this story does not develop in that direction, although unfortunately with tags like romance and younger love interest it feels likely that it will.

Yeah... its pretty much confirmed that the saint is the FL which no matter how the author does it I won't be able to like their relationship so I'll be dropping this now. I'll leave it at 3 starts since the writing itself doesn't seem to be bad, I just hate the direction the story went in.
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