I’m Done Being the Heroine’s Stand-in


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“Can’t you guide properly? How s*upid.”

Possessing an extra who dies from being exploited as a heroine’s stand-in.

As Yerena, a C-rank guide who calms down the esper male leads.

The three men didn’t treat her as a person. They only saw her as a ‘tool’ for healing.

She found even her death pitiful and absurd.

Torn apart by monsters due to the male leads’ distraction upon the appearance of the female lead.

’As I know the ending, I can’t just stay still.’


They say that heaven helps those who help themselves.

Thanks to her taming skills and friendly assistant, Yerena manages to escape from the male leads. How many peaceful months has it been? The rumors reaching her sound oddly ominous.

“It’s about the most famous trio of Espers in Chelsea Center! It’s related to their former guide who passed away in an accident.”

’No, that’s me! The heroine has appeared, so why are they looking for me!’

Three espers still mourn the death of the person who officially died.

“Why can’t they just leave the officially dead alone.”

Against her will, Yelena was forced to play hide-and-seek with the Empire’s most powerful people.

Will she be able to carry on this secluded life until the end?

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여주 대역은 그만두겠습니다
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03/11/24 Moonlight Novels c1
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lucidrose22 rated it
June 20, 2024
Status: --
It’s pretty interesting so far! Basically the MC transmigrated into a dungeon novel and faked her death so she wouldn’t have to guide, as in heal through physical touch, the espers, who are basically hunters but they find her somehow. Can’t wait for more translated chapters !!
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