I’m an Unpopular Office Worker Who Can’t Seem to Attract Anyone, and I Want to Keep My Secret of Being a Best-Selling Author! It’s Getting Seriously Crazy Because Three Beautiful Women in My New Office Are Big Fans of My Writing and Seem Willing to Get Close to Me!


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Hidaka Hanamura, an ordinary employee, was in his fourth year with the company. He was a young employee working hard to achieve his goals. However, his life took an unexpected turn when he was transferred to the Hamayama Sales Office, a place well-known within the company for having only stunningly beautiful women.

Feeling both nervous and excited, Hanamura reported to work, unaware that he would soon experience a double dose of excitement. You see, these women were not only passionate about their jobs but were equally dedicated to posting web novels. Moreover, they were avid fans of the web novel site and best-selling author “Okome Takashi,” who had published works that sold millions of copies.

What no one knew was that Hanamura was, in fact, “Okome Takashi” himself, secretly engaging in his book-writing activities without the knowledge of his colleagues. As a shy and unpopular guy, Hanamura had poured his hidden desires into his “Okome Takashi” works. Learning that these beautiful women were reading his novels and using them as inspiration dealt a blow to Hanamura’s confidence. He was determined to keep his identity as a novelist hidden at all costs, even as he faced the serious business of work and the creative world with these dedicated women.

As he interacted with them and helped them grow both personally and professionally, Hanamura would find an irreplaceable partner and embark on a romantic office comedy filled with unexpected twists and turns.

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"I'm an unpopular introverted office worker, and I want to hide the fact that I'm a bestselling author! ~It's seriously dangerous because three beautiful women at my new office are apparently big fans of my web novels and even seem willing to be intimate with me, this is seriously impossible!~"
Motenai inekya byou sha'in no ore wa mirionseraa shosekika de aru koto o kakushitai! Tenkin-saki no jimusho no bijo san'nin ga WEB sakka de ore no daifan rashiku, ore ni dakaretemo ii rashii, maji muriyabai!
モテない陰キャ平社員の俺はミリオンセラー書籍化作家であることを隠したい! ~転勤先の事務所の美女3人がWEB作家で俺の大ファンらしく、俺に抱かれてもいいらしい、マジムリヤバイ!〜
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Tbcrash rated it
October 12, 2023
Status: c1
I like this novel, the character are consistent, the MC is kind but active person. He seems capable and I like that in a protagonist. The love interest are good too each having a unique dilemma fitted to their own web-novel, the main jux of this web novel.
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