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I’ve become the villainess of a novel!

I found myself in the unfortunate role of ‘Brody,’ a villainess who loves the male lead, was used and discarded. To make matters worse, I ended up possessing her just as she was about to poison the male lead’s archenemy, the Northern Duke, to help the male lead. Originally, she would have succeeded in poisoning him, but…

‘Why do I have to kill someone who’s barely a character?’ Moreover, the Northern Duke, who was just an extra, happened to be exactly her type.

Is it right to call a person who spends a night with such cool and sexy man tr*sh to be discarded without mercy? With no reason to kill him, she decides to administer a sedative instead of poison and attempts to escape from the enemy’s territory.

However, the person who took the sedative doesn’t fall asleep… Why is his gaze like that? Brody unexpectedly approaches him and spend a long yet short night together.

“If we spent the night together, you have to take responsibility. No matter what happens, I will take care of you, so don’t worry.” Following this, his bombshell statement continues.

What did he say? Because we spent the night together, he’ll welcome me as his wife?

‘I must succeed in escaping.’

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I really like the extra short roles.
엑스트라 단역이 너무 취향입니다 [독점]
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