I’m a Plain Young Lady, but it Seems the Tyrant Emperor is a Fan of My Novel.


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“Sign this,” demanded the tyrant emperor, suddenly dragging the Marquis’ daughter, Elis, before him. Forced to sign, she wondered what kind of document she was being made to sign… only to find out that it was a romance novel written by her.”

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12/23/23 Randall Novels c8
12/15/23 Randall Novels c7
12/07/23 Randall Novels v1c6
12/04/23 Randall Novels c5
12/04/23 Randall Novels c4
12/03/23 Randall Novels v1c3
12/03/23 Randall Novels v1c2
12/03/23 Randall Novels v1c1
12/03/23 Randall Novels v1c0
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flsimp rated it
December 22, 2023
Status: c7
I love these types of novels where the big scary tyrant gets led around by the nose by an otherwise completely timid girl, but she’s a powerhouse in her element. She’s insane. He’s even crazier. I need to see them married and ruining improving the empire.
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