Ihoujin, Dungeon ni Moguru


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July, 1946. The existence of an alternate world was confirmed.

It was supposed to be a new world for mankind.

However, the enormous cost, the annihilation of the advance troops, and fierce public opposition led to the signing of a non-aggression treaty.

Mankind turned their eyes towards space.

Half a century later.

A certain company formed a team in order to explore the alternate world’s dungeon.

Five professionals and three artificial intelligences. And one reserve member.

With modern weapons and technology, the adventure was expected to be easy.

However, the ones who had arrived in the alternate world were a defective artificial intelligence and a non-professional.

Through trial and error, they lived, ate, and fought. And, they explored the dungeon.

Associated Names
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Kotokunibito Dungeon ni Moguru
The Foreigner, Explores the Dungeon
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berdanka rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: --
This novel is full of plotholes, like a slice of Swiss cheese. I can't recommend it to people with common sense. Means, if you're older than 10 and willing to give it a go, please reconsider.

The large list of plotholes:

... more>>

- Top brass hired some random guy (gamer) to fill their ranks despite the high cost of the isekai mission (looks like no one cares about the success, poor investors). And they've done it because his name was neat.

- They're also prepared a big remuneration for his sister in case if he dies (can't you just hire an orphan if you don't care about his training?).

- The briefing time was so short, MC failed to remember crucial facts about the other world.

- Isekai (in its true meaning) is a popular subject (according to the story), but MC was absolutely obvious about it except for some negligible points. This is despite the fact that MC is a gamer!

- MC was introduced to his squad a few minutes before the mission start (Nuff said). Squad's leader also refused to introduce everyone before passing through the portal (probability of the emergent situation right from the start? Nah).

- AK 47.

- Rifle in hands of an amateur with zero training and doubtable mental health.

----- end of the 1st chapter -----

The more you read the more glaring plotholes become. How MC handles storage of meds and equipment, how carefree he is, how naively he handles thugs, how lame his combat tactics (though maybe this one is not a plothole since he just a gamer, but even a gamer will try his best when he feels cornered) - everything bad.

The worst is, he was complaining about a short briefing but done nothing to gather the intel on site.


In short, this is a very typical JP novel with JP morals and JP lack of sense. <<less
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