I’d Rather Abandon Than Be Abandoned


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I transmigrated into an otome game. The problem was I didn’t possess the heroine, Naila, but the villainess, Claudia. And just like any other villain, Claudia’s social reputation was the worst.

“Don’t go overboard. I know you can’t stand seeing your sister getting praised, but if you do more than this, it’ll only make you look ugly.”

…My real brother despised me.

“Tsk, I hope you understand that you have no chance. When will you realize that it won’t work no matter how desperate you are.”

….My fiance treated me like a stalker.

If this continued, I would die unjustly at the guillotine because of the sins I did not commit.

Therefore, in order to get help from the cursed prince, I offered him a fake marriage.

“I don’t want a poor fake marriage like this. If you’re going to do it, it certainly means that we need to uphold all the responsibilities as a married couple. I’m talking about outside and inside the bedroom.”

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버림받느니 버리겠습니다
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