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On the day Chen Yang was released from the hospital, he received a gift from his attending physician: a book with a mysterious white card tucked within its pages, which bore the numbers ‘019’ on one side and an indistinct mark on the other. That very night, Chen Yang found himself inexplicably transported to a pier, where he encountered five strangers who revealed what the white card was: an identity card.

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07/20/24 Wook’s Teahouse c7 part2
07/13/24 Wook’s Teahouse c7 part1
07/01/24 Wook’s Teahouse c6 part2
06/16/24 Wook’s Teahouse c6 part1
05/11/24 Wook’s Teahouse c5 part2
04/14/24 Wook’s Teahouse c5 part1
03/31/24 Wook’s Teahouse c4 part2
03/24/24 Wook’s Teahouse c4 part1
03/17/24 Wook’s Teahouse c3 part2
03/09/24 Wook’s Teahouse c3 part1
02/24/24 Wook’s Teahouse c2
02/16/24 Wook’s Teahouse c1
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Wintercreeper rated it
March 9, 2024
Status: --
This novel was an absolute mess.

The writer corrected a lot of chapters, sometimes more than once, because it was riddled with potholes.

You might have read 20 chapters and then suddenly realise that something is off, only to notice that the writer changes major plot points and settings and now you have to re-read it or it’ll make even less sense.

... more>> The novel finished in 2020, and even in 2023, she was still correcting/changing things three years after the end.

And there are still holes.

Female characters are so bad that even the Chinese comments called her out for it.

“Puzzles” & “Mysteries” all make zero sense, characters come to conclusions no one could have reached with the available information, it’s the writer’s knowledge mistake, she knows the answer because it’s her story and forgets that the characters don’t have said knowledge.

The grand plot collapses halfway through and instantly focuses on the romance that is completely out of place at that moment.

I can’t remember much else because it has been three years and I got tired of having to re-read this cluster-f*.

If you really want to read it, buy it on the original site or you won’t understand a thing due to other sites not necessarily having the most up-to-date version, and lower your expectations to the very bottom. <<less
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