Ice Beauty’s Straight School Grass is Going Crazy!!


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The architectural department’s flower Chu Tan has an outstanding temperament and is extremely cold, making him a famous cold beauty at B University. Wearing a black hoodie and a hat that was almost inseparable from his body, he was mysterious and beautiful like a cluster of frost flowers, making the entire school only dare to observe from afar and dare not interact with him.

But no one knows that Chu Tan, who appears cold on the surface, actually suffers from a very serious case of an oral disorder! And his object of disorder is Jin Jianxing, a ‘first-class school ruffian’ whom he has offended for some reason since his freshman year. Jin Jianxing is not simple at all. He is a sports student at B University, the student union president, and a thorough school grass and bully, always acting recklessly, completely unrestrained, and still a well-known straight man…to a severe extent.

During the demolition of the sophomore dormitory, Chu Tan had to share the same dormitory with Jin Jianxing and slept on his bed by chance, due to a misunderstanding that Chu Tan hates him, Jin Jianxing starts tormenting Chu Tan. Chu Tan attended an architecture class while Jin Jian was on the sidelines; Chu Tan went to the cafeteria for dinner, and Jin Jian accompanied him; Even when Chu Tan slept, Jin Jianxing shamelessly squeezed on top. He always thought Chu Tan hated him and couldn’t bear to bother with him until the night of the freshman party. He returned to the dormitory drunk and caught Chu Tan with his face buried his worn sweater, intoxicatedly sniffing and kissing it.

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fluffy gangster
fluffy gangster rated it
June 3, 2023
Status: Completed
You say it's excellent, it's not. You say it's bad it's also not bad. The s*xual tension is astounding but the misunderstandings are irritating. Mind that this story is based on the cliche troupe: I think he's straight but I'm gay and vice versa. They're on the verge of rolling the sheets but still believe the other to be straight, ridiculous! The misunderstandings are too many too lame and too too plot dragging. If you say that then why did I give it 4 stars. The ML is hot, typical... more>> hot characteristics I want in MLS. On top of that the ML is referred to as a Doberman pincher by MC which is a real treat for dog lovers. His behaviors are also like a fierce house dog! I also love it when the author refers to the MC as a boy, describes him as tender, jade-like white, judge all you want but these are my preferences, manlymanxjadeboy. And this novel pokes all of these spots. Still, the misunderstandings are way too much to bear. You can give it a try if want.

happy reading! <<less
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