I Will Steal My Friend’s Fiancé!


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I, Rose Hailon grew up to be a noble princess.

One day, when Cecilia, a friend of mine, becomes my foster sister, she took everything away from me right under my nose.

I was deprived of my status as a princess and eventually had to choose death. I died all alone.

But what kind of God’s prank is this?

After I opened my eyes, I’d gone back to the day Cecilia became my foster sister…

This is an opportunity that might never happen again. So…

‘Cecilia, I swear I’m going to take off your mask and I’ll start today.’

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친구의 약혼자를 뺏어라!
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August 27, 2021
Status: --
I will never understand why re-birthers in these situations don't just poison the entire lot, then chuck the betraying Cuckoo bird of a friend out onto the street while enjoying a massive inheritance.


The MC fell from grace due to a backstabbing b*** who was jealous of her, and felt like ruining her for the funsies. MC wound up as a homeless woman, ... more>>

There is an absolutely gutting scene where she recalls stealing stale bread from a homeless, starving child, and simply not caring, because she was that hungry and needed/ wanted it too. Messed me up.


She eventually died of exposure and lack of food. In early chapters after her rebirth, she still has this grit from the streets, when she slugs her betraying maid straight in the stomach. I found this very refreshing and intriguing: a villainess revenge story with some slumdog tactics and physical violence? That's new. Hopefully she keeps her street smarts and lowhanded ways, so this stays interesting, rather than devolving into a standard dance of 'who collects them all!' as MC and FL race to collect the best dress, friends, fiance, status, the most money, etc. Over the other. I also like that she has similarly focused on her parents, and their part in being crappy, shallow people. I don't understand how the title goal of stealing the friend's fiance will be much of a challenge. The scum friend didn't like her fiance, and the guy is a 3rd son of a minor noble, with limited money. With the status she has at the current time, he'd basically be the MC's for the asking. It'd be more of a challenge to get her arrogant dad to agree to the seemingly bad deal.

After getting dumped by the FL, (since stealing the MC's fiance seemed like such a better prospect to her) this guy made good and wound up better, richer, and more successful than them all, which is why the MC decides to target him. He must not have great character discernment, since he proposed to the FL based on his shallow, public impressions of her.


I hope the story stays focused on her torturing her former friend and parents, rather than dissolving into a romance, but again, we'll see. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: c3
TLDR: Currently it's between 3 and 4 stars it's too soon to tell

The betrayed by a good friend (paging Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ) and having a second chance to to overturn the betrayal genre has been done to death. What makes or breaks an entry is how well they can play with the trope and what new life they can breathe into it.

In terms of writing style, this ones a bit of a mess. The first two chapters are muddled rambling and confusing. They do a poor job bringing... more>> you into Rose's life and are difficult to follow. The third chapter however greatly improves

When it comes to bringing new life into this genre, this novel shows some potential. The MC comes off the starting blocks decisive and violent. It's a refreshing change. If the rest of novel follows suit it could be quite a page turner <<less
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