I Was Tracked by a Giant Panda


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[System + Live Streaming + Animals] Outdoor host Jiang Feng returned to his hometown Mount Taibai to live stream, and obtained a check-in system.

On his way back, he was followed by a giant panda cub who clung onto him and ended up staying at Jiang Feng’s home.

Jiang Feng: You should leave, I can’t afford to raise you!

The giant panda cub lifted his little head: Whine whine whine, I want to work to support my family!

Viewers: Don’t go giant panda, I will collect scraps to raise you!

From then on, Jiang Feng and the giant panda led an interesting yet leisurely life.

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New Maiasia rated it
April 7, 2024
Status: Completed
5 stars- ooh, fluffies! Plus the rewards given by the system are unique. I really enjoyed it!

4.5 stars- MC was at times amusing, at times annoying. Without the system, MC was a useless salted fish and failing vlogger with no skills other than scamming animals with his smooth talking. He bullied the weak and feared the strong.

He was dependent on the divine water given by the system to save the lives of animals, the feed given by the system to tame the animals around him, and the system itself. At times he would get mad at the system for not giving him an easier task or he would nag it until system basically put the target in MC's path. MC doesn't really respect the cycle of life, but I probably wouldn't either if I could talk to animals. For example, in the earlier chapters where he ended up sharing a cave with a serow and the serow ended up getting eaten the next day, MC sought revenge because MC felt guilty. He had vaguely heard it happening but he'd ignored it and fell asleep instead. He sent out brother leopard and its crew to hunt down and kill the jackals that had eaten the serow. I felt pity for the eaten serow but I also thought it was too much of MC mu*dering off carnivores for doing what comes naturally to them. Then he gained the power of resurrections and MC resurrected the serow. Why? The serow became another minor player with no active part in the story.


4 Stars- The plot could get repetitive and non-sensible. Wild and mythical beasts were drawn to MC due to his system given aura and tamed by the feed. They then follow MC back to his home. Lather, rinse, repeat. I feel like too many "side characters" were introduced with not enough roles for them to play. Plus at times I find it annoying how MC tries to preach human morality to animals. Why ask a leopard why it killed too many sheeps? One might as well ask a leopard why it won't beg for scraps in town. I enjoy the fluffs and at time how the author anthromorphize these fluffs but to try and restrain the wild side of a beast and humanize them is too much. 3.8 Stars- It was at times tedious to read the same thing over and over.

I thought the death worm search would result in serious ecological problems but nope. Nothing. Same with the one time plaque scare in the desert. What's the point?


Pros: 1. All the animals. 2. The unique rewards from the system. 3. MC. 4. MC does help those animals that wanted/needed it.

Cons: 1. For the rarer animals that don't want to leave their country, MC, instead of respecting their wishes, seduces them away with feed in the name of protection. 2. At first the plethora of animal info was interesting but after so many hundreds of chapters, it's tedious, especially once plant info is scattered in. 3. MC. 4. MC at times has little to no respect for animals that were venomous or "ugly" or ignored his hellos. He was petty and narrow-minded. 5. There's ALOT of story threads that eventually went nowhere. You could read chapters after chapter about certain threads that eventually went nowhere.

What happened to the eagle with its poor wings corroded away by the venom of the death worms? What's up with the death worms period? Why did the system come to the MC the first and second time? Is it all about animal conservation? What was the point of Brother Bao, Wolf king, Eagle girl, the killer whales, the humpback whales, and "General" Huang unifying their species across the world? What happened to the hatred MC drew across several countries that had them sent assassinations after MC? What was on the aircraft carrier that MC's friend wanted? What ever happened to that miracle plant MC planted earlier on that grew all different types of veggies on one plant? What was the point of MC receiving the powers to talk to plants? He'd only talked to 3 plants in the entire story. What's up with his resurrection skill? He'd only used that once and I had seriously thought it would be needed to bring one of the main pets back to life.


3.5 Stars- Story went nowhere after 952 chapters. Not really worth the read after a few hundred chapters especially when

MC received an island as a reward and eventually just moved all the animals there. The end.

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