I Was Proposed to by Mistake Instead of My Sister-in-law


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……I proposed to the wrong person. You were not the one I desired.”

Viscountess Claris Sievert, having been proposed to, faced Oscar Garudbild at the duke’s residence, where she was met with these words and a cold gaze. It appears that Oscar intended to propose to Claris’ sister-in-law, Iberin, known in the social circles as the “Fairy of Spring” for her delicate beauty, and not to Claris.

───As I thought, there’s nowhere that would accept me……

Born the only daughter of the Sievert Viscount family, Claris was oppressed by her stepfamily who took over the viscountcy after her parents’ death. With her engagement to Oscar broken, Claris had nowhere to return to.
She contemplated whether to work in a brothel or enter a convent.
As she was about to leave the duke’s residence, a knight approached her.

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I Was Proposed to by Mistake Instead of My Stepsister
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Nov 29, 2023
Status: --
A short story with a good start but the plot went down hill because of a s*upid antagonist. It's more like the whole idea was for the s*upidity of the villain not for the blessing the MC have attained. This is a typical broke of engagement and pitiful MC who was neglected was then given the proper care they deserved. There are twist in the end but not suprising.
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