I Was Dumped by My Childhood Friend and Served a Home-Cooked Meal to My Step-Sister, a National Idol


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Komaki Kouichi, a high school student who loves to cook, is harshly rejected by his childhood friend for being “Girly”

When a heartbroken Koichi returns to the apartment where he lives alone, he finds Hashiro Shiho, a high school girl who is a very popular idol, sitting uneasily on the sofa. Shiho has become his younger sister as a result of their parents’ remarriage, and Koichi cooks for her.

But as a result, Shiho says she wants to quit her idol career and marry Koichi. ……!

It’s a romantic comedy about two people living together, him with his idol stepsister, cooking together, going on a secret date in the city, taking a bath and bed together (!?!), and so on.

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Touch-San rated it
September 11, 2023
Status: c30
It's enjoyable enough to read, but I will say that it's mostly just Koichi and Shiho eating. A bit of drama here, a bit of romantic development there, but mostly just all things related to food. The beginning, where he's rejected by his childhood friend was basically forgotten by chapter 6. He still talks about being heartbroken, but that honestly feels more like filler to pad out the word count than anything actually meaningful.

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Although at around chapter 20, it seems like Hazuki might actually have been in love with Koichi after all, and just couldn't be honest.


I noticed that the harem tag isn't tacked onto this novel, so I sincerely hope that nothing actually develops in that department.

Basically, just read it if you have nothing better to do. It's not the worst way to kill 30-40 minutes. <<less
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