I Want to Drop Out of the Academy


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Cadet Abraxas of Jeolip Academy applied for withdrawal citing his own lack of moral integrity.

Request denied.

– Chancellor of Jeolip Academy –

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아카데미 자퇴희망자가 되었다
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Deathword rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: c3
It's a good start, too early to tell whether it's going to be really good or not but it's promising, it's quite the unique twist on the very common academy.

the protagonist seems like he will be as Op as most academy story MC are, but instead of being a mary sue rolling through the plot, it looks like our MC will struggle, which is always interesting.
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DarkD rated it
December 26, 2023
Status: c15
Mediocre all-around. The gimmick is okay, the story telling is okay, the characters are okay. Nothing exceptional, but honestly it's too early to judge. Unfortunately, the translator is dropping it at this chapter, so figured this is a fair time to review.

I will admit, I will almost certainly abandon the novel here even if someone else picks it up. I'm just not interested enough to care about coming back to it. If someone else is fast enough I might. There were some slightly interesting plots that were being wrapped up... more>> when I left. <<less
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