I Took the Villain as a Housekeeper


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I became the manager of a mansion where no one came to work because of the vicious rumors.
Having no talent for housework, I was haunted by a mysophobic ghost and posted a housekeeper job notice in the newspaper.
And I hired the only handsome man who came to me without asking or questioning…

“Thank you for hiring me. Here’s my resume.”

「Name – Dante van Dyke
*Major Career
Former) Commander of the Magic Special Forces
*Joining Aspirations and Future Plans
Planning to clean up the corrupt empire.」

Gasp, what is this!
He was the villain male lead who would later destroy the empire.
Why do you prepare that while doing other people’s housework. I put on a very harmless smile.

“Unfortunately, you have not passed due to your document…”
“Do you not like me?”

I was overwhelmed and frightened by the eerie eyes that sank lower and lower.

“I-it was actually a pressure interview. Pass.”
“What shall I do first, landlady? I’m good at housework, but I’m also good at other things.”

The man who suddenly changed into a friendly person gently showed a charming eye smile.

“I’d be happy to work the night as well.”
“What did you say?”
“I mean working overtime.”

He was very much desperate.
Even that’s not enough—the sword master, the devil, and the mage tower lord came together…

“I came here after seeing job postings for a cook, gardener, and butler. Let me do anything, Master.”

Ah, don’t plot treason in my house!

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I Brought in the Villain as a Housekeeper
흑막을 가정부로 들여 버렸다
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koco2018 rated it
October 11, 2023
Status: c65
The way MC views others and her own situation is hilarious to read. For example, she signed a fraudulent housing contract and became a lifetime-s*ave to a rich noble ghost who forces her to maintain the mansion and threatens her with a chandelier when she is lazy. MC views this as "I was plagued by the cleaning ghost." She has quick wit, and nags her employees in petty ways to tire them out.

MC views the eccentric employees and new life in a positive and sarcastic way. It's pure comedy. Her... more>> methods are really creative and catch me off-guard a lot. This is (if not then similar to) a parody novel, there are tons of funny references in here.

It's difficult to explain exactly what bullshittery the MC is facing everyday from these blockheads, so here are two small clips.


[Context: MC asked one of the guys to be a fake short-term fiance to fight off her aunt's marriage-forcing. The guys only listened to the parts they wanted to hear. When they arrived at the imperial party and introduced themselves, Eleuard spouted bullsh*t that snowballed within seconds into moral-collapsing fiance deathmatch. This dialogue is from the adrenaline-junky wishing to join the fiance deathmatch because it seems fun.]

Kaiden: "I heard that after a life-threatening battle between the strong, only the strongest man who survives to the end can be chosen."

MC: "How groundless is that... ... ?"

It hasn't even been an hour since I said it, but it's being distorted like that? Are there no sane people in this world?

Kaiden: "I have come to end the fierce battle."

MC: "The recruitment period has ended."

Kaiden: "I heard that you had twelve fiancés. "I thought she was a woman who couldn't say no, but I became even more interested when I heard that eight people had died in battle."

Isn't it normal for interest to decrease?



[Context: After training in etiquette and dueling for the imperial party, the issue of transportation was discussed.]

I gaped at the sight of Toto returning to his original gigantic size.

MC: "... ... Do you really ride a 'dragon'? Well, it's common for people to come to the dance on a dragon, right?"

Killain: "no. "If you take Toto, no one will ignore you."

Killian showed a serious expression and confirmed that it was an uncommon occurrence.

Ignoring isn't the problem, I think everyone is afraid of me. If there are people being arrested on suspicion of attacking the imperial palace, it will be us.

Ezekiel: "See you at the imperial palace."

Dante: "See you later, master."

Ezekiel and Dante were already in the car.

MC: "No, why are you taking the car?"

My unfair question hovered in the air.

The car they were in had already started quickly and was leaving the mansion as if running away.

Only then did I realize. They were embarrassed to be riding a dragon, so they ran away like a warrior.


On the way, we encountered a storm, and with the heavy rain, sardines of unknown origin were swirling around.

I was so desperately praying that no problems would arise with my personal belongings that I had no time to worry about my clothes that were so wet from the rain.

MC: "Mr. Killian! Can we survive?"

Hearing my cries cut through the wind and rain, he patted my shoulder as if to tell me not to worry.

Killain: "yes. All you have to do is pray earnestly for us to arrive safely."

Does that mean we are over the threshold of death? I felt like crying a little.

At that time, Killian put his hand on his ear and started talking as if he was sending a radio somewhere.

Killain: "This is Killian Park Jin O. "I ask for permission to land aircraft 286 registered with the imperial palace."

Air Traffic Controller: - This is the control tower. Landing is restricted for safety reasons due to poor visibility.

I didn't care whether that helmet had a radio function or not, all I wanted to do was live.

Killain: "Master, we will still land at the imperial palace. Do not worry."

MC: "How can you not worry! You should listen to the man at the control tower! "If you even damage property, the imperial family will not let you do it!"

Killain: "it's okay. "You have contributed a lot to the country, so that will be taken into consideration."

Killian was a man with the heart of a beast.


... Sometimes it feels like the guys team up to bully MC. It's like they're missing common sense. <<less
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