I Thought It Was Betrayal


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The Empire of Apollonia, is an empire that serves the sun. And its Crown Princess, Selenia del Amor Apollonia, the noblest blood in the land.

Selenia was everything an emperor should be – steadfast in her determination, wise in her wisdom, and radiant in her beauty. If she had a single weakness, it was the scars on her back that were inflicted by an evil spirit as a child, which slowly ate her life away.

Then, Edwin, a commoner with holy powers, appeared before her. Selenia was mesmerized by his simple yet warm demeanor and soon fell in love with him who showed her his heartfelt love.

For him, she considered giving up her position. But what came back to her was a vampire biting her neck.

“Why… Why me…!”

“Ah…! Aah!”

With that betrayal, Edwin fled the room as quickly as he had come. Selenia, however, was abandoned by her lover and her subjects. And vampires fled to Witch’s Forest where they settled.

Hundreds of years later, either by fate or coincidence, she was somehow reunited with the reincarnated Edwin. She was determined to get revenge on him for allowing him to live such a tedious, bland life…

“I don’t care if you’re a vampire.”

“… What?”

“Bite me.”

A wave of unknown emotions washed over her once again. Hazy as it was, the closer it approached her, the more it became clearer. She was suddenly shrouded with anxiety.

This emotion caused her to wonder if she bears feelings for the man who transformed her into a vampire.

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배신인 줄 알았는데
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