I Thought I Had Married A Poor Knight, But…!


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Ralphene, who grew up in the countryside due to some circumstances, went to the capital to get married to Cermiane, a poor knight who fell in love with her at first sight. This was the beginning of Ralphene’s hectic life.

This is the biography of the lady who was later known as the “Extraordinary Empress”.

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    12/06/22 Sleepy Translations c5 part3
    11/29/22 Sleepy Translations c5 part2
    11/24/22 Sleepy Translations c5 part1
    11/16/22 Sleepy Translations c4 part4
    11/08/22 Sleepy Translations c4 part3
    11/01/22 Sleepy Translations c4 part2
    10/25/22 Sleepy Translations c4 part1
    10/18/22 Sleepy Translations c3 part4
    10/12/22 Sleepy Translations c3 part3
    10/05/22 Sleepy Translations c3 part2
    10/01/22 Sleepy Translations c3 part1
    09/20/22 Sleepy Translations c2 part3
    09/13/22 Sleepy Translations c2 part2
    09/06/22 Sleepy Translations c2 part1
    08/27/22 Sleepy Translations c1 part3
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    Aakaa rated it
    October 11, 2022
    Status: c18
    It's hilarious and too cute till chapter 3. Female lead is pretty ambitious like she aims to kill a dragon and never back down whatever may come to her. Male lead is pretty supportive to the best of his ability and situations. They respect each other and live their lives happily ever after. I'd like to rate it 3.5/5 star but since it's better than 3 let's go with 4

    Plot is good but story telling is tiresome, thats why 3.5
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    J Doe
    J Doe
    September 1, 2022
    Status: c1 part3
    Reserving a rating for now. This feels like a person narrating a lucid dream rather than good story telling. It's not that it's bad per se, but so far it's been a bunch of idyllic, almost Peter Pan-esque, growing up semi-wild stories told through a Mary Sue lens. Looking forward to seeing if that changes now that she's with her family. We did finally have a character with a line (praising our heroine, of course) so holding on for more chapters to see where this goes.
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