I Really Don’t Want to be Reborn


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Unexpectedly, Chen Hansheng, a social elite and diamond bachelor, was reborn and woke up as a high school graduate.

At the crossroads, Chen Hansheng also hesitates whether to become a multimillionaire by the book; or to work hard, add a few zeros behind his personal assets, and change the course of history.

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Croto rated it
January 14, 2024
Status: c81
Score 4/10

The problem with this novel is the MC, he's not very likable, interesting, or smart. He's like those second tier villains on other novels.

The business part of the novel is barely passable, the pace is a little bit slow but all in all is not unreadable.

... more>> There's not much slice of life, and the few bits that you can find are not very good, mainly because of the MC attitude.

The romance is just bad. Like something written by chatgpt bad, or someone who doesn't understand human interactions.

Basically the idea of romance that the MC has is bullying the woman you like. He would often hit her, tell her that she's really s*upid, and harass her until she cries and then "his heart soften" and finally stop bullying her. Most of the time the description of the woman during the interactions they had would be that "she's afraid".

So this novel, basically is like reading about domestic violence with a touch of business. There's a harem, and it seems that ot would be a drama harem, where there are a lot of problems when the women find out, the author is strongly setting the drama up. I don't particularly like that kind of plot, but I know that there are people who enjoy that kind of thing, so my score doesn't include my dissatisfaction with that particularly plot point, otherwise this would be a 2/10 <<less
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