I Pulled Out the Excalibur


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A vow was made in a place where stars are not visible, to carve one’s own star into that night sky.

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egseukallibeo ppobseubnida
I pull out Excalibur
엑스칼리버 뽑습니다
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1 Review

Jan 24, 2024
Status: c49
Where to start? Without spoiling too much, the way the story is set up reminds me of Star-Embracing Swordmaster (An compliment in and of itself I feel) in the sense that both story's start with a boy in the slums with potential eventually embarking on a journey to become a knight. Voice in the head? ☑, Abnormal talent? ☑, Admiration for knights? ☑, However that's where the similarity's end.

The world is portrayed as a place where those who stand out are hammered down by those in power rather then properly... more>> raised, knights sell their pride and honor for riches, and even the few (with the exception of one group as of now) that don't are often betrayed or simply not powerful enough to resist, it's blatantly clear of the power-disparity in this world.

Key names come here and there yet the world building isn't quite fleshed out and is currently unknown whether the author even plans to give more then the basic city names. Unique? Certainly not; it's seen in a lot of stories, but that doesn't mean the story itself is bad in fact quite the opposite, the author has a clear knack for writing the the translation also reads smoothy with fairly consistent quality and quantity. Overall a solid choice to read if having to chose between others, though that might just be my bias towards stories of heroics and knights rather then revenge and petty killing.

Tldr: 8/10 bordering on 9/10, The story is well written and the plot has clear direction on where it's progressing if a little vague of the end goal, however the lack of world building and travel descriptions hold it back a bit, however this could be rectified as it's still fairly early in the story and as such could potentially be a 9/10 to a 10/10 for me. <<less
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