I Picked Up the Supreme Venerable Sovereign’s Trash Can


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“Wrapped in scandals and diagnosed with a terminal illness, Lin Ran accidentally picked up a tr*sh can of The Supreme Venerable Sovereign on a deserted volcanic island.


Only half of a broken Nine Resurrection Pill bottle remains.

Lin Ran took the medicine, miraculously recovering; even her appearance improved significantly. Then she looked at the three-digit balance in her bank account…

#Out of money, what to do when you’re not dead yet?#

A tattered Qiankun bag.

Although it is worn out, it can still hold a lot of things. Lin Ran thought that this thing seemed to be able to be used for magic tricks.

#You think I’m doing magic, but I’m actually using spells#

A cracked Qiankun mirror

Lin Ran: Magic mirror, magic mirror, tell me, where is my husband?

Qiankun Mirror: Buried in the snow.

Lin Ran:???

Encountering an avalanche, Lu Lanxiao thought he was done for.

Ten seconds later, he opened his eyes, already in a safe zone three hundred meters away.

A magician who saved him calmly said, “Yes, that’s how magicians are.”

A fictional, sweet, and refreshing story.

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