I May Be a Villainess, But I Won’t Live My Life that Way


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“This can’t be true. Me, a villainess?” Bianca couldn’t believe it. The fact that there was a novel mirroring reality, that her perfect fiancé was the male protagonist of that novel, that another woman would appear, and that this woman was, in fact, the real female protagonist. The most unbelievable fact among them was that she, driven by jealousy, failed in her attempt to kill the female lead and ended up being the villainess whose throat was cut by the male lead.

“No, I don’t want to die like that.”

With looks, wealth, status, and education, why should I die?

“I refuse to become such a villainess.”

Bianca has decided to reject her predetermined fate.

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악녀지만, 그렇게 살지 않겠습니다
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1 Review

Jan 04, 2024
Status: c5
reasonably decent but I don't like how the story blames MC as a 'villainess' who must "do something villainesses don't do" to survive. because 1. it's not an honest change of heart, just fear of death, 2. she wasn't even really 'villainous', just a little bit spoiled but the story portrays it as if that was worthy of a death sentence, 3. her pathetic 'cold-hearted' fiance cheats on her but that's somehow ok...

in short, might be a decent story, if a bit cliché and mediocre, so give it a try... more>> if you don't mind the casual, subtextual misogyny <<less
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