I Like Villains, so I Reincarnated as One


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Reincarnated as a villainous noble who died early in an SRPG world! ?

“Yatta! I was reincarnated as my favorite character!”

I was reincarnated as Weiss Hamilton, a villainous aristocrat from “Valhara Tactics”, and I woke up in a body that had just been seriously injured after being stabbed by a citizen who resent the tyrannical lord.

However, not only is the territory neglected, but is rampant with crime, and the people’s patience is at its limit.
If things continue like this, there will likely be a rebellion, and even if I do my best to avoid it, I am doomed to be destroyed by the protagonist.

“Leave it to me, Weiss…I’ll save you. Don’t worry, I’ve always dreamed about how to save you!!”

As a villains admirer, I believed that I was reincarnated in order to save you from a desperate situation and find happiness. I will use my game knowledge to do everything in my power to save you and your friends, and create the strongest kingdom.
As a result, the story develops differently from the game, and like Weiss, I saves the villainess who would otherwise have died an unnatural death, as well as a fake saint, and for some reason, I am also comes to be admired by the protagonist.

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Akuyaku-suki no ore, oshi kyara ni tensei 〜 gēmu joban ni shujinkō ni korosareru oshi ni tensei shitanode, ore dake shitteru gēmu chishiki de hametsu furagu o tsubushi tetara akuyaku-tachi no teiō ni natteta kudan 〜 oi,nande shujinkō no omaemo shatei ni natte nda?
I like villains, reincarnated as my favorite character ~I was reincarnated as my favorite character who was supposed to be killed by the protagonist at the beginning of the game, but when I crushed the death flag with the game knowledge that only I knew, I ended up becoming the king of the villains~ Eh, why? You, the protagonist, became my disciple?
I Like Villains, So I Reincarnated As One.
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Raccoon butter
Raccoon butter rated it
November 29, 2023
Status: v1c2p1
I haven’t gotten very far into the story yet due to it being so new but I really like the idea behind it. Right now I don’t have too much hope for this novel’s future, I think it could be good depending on how the author moves forward, however I think the story will become more of a harem/power fantasyish story based on experience... which would be kinda disappointing. Hopefully the author puts in a fresh twist in or something idk. :/
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