I Left the Time-limited Villainous Duke Without Saving Him


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It was when I was 10 years old in my second life. I found the young duke that the female protagonist should have saved.

In these villains and extras’ novels, it is the standard to help, whether it is the female lead, male lead, or villain.

I know the original, too, since it’s like this, should I try to seduce the duke to avoid the death flag?

But in the original story, the female lead said something to him.

‘I like the Duke as he is.’

Hearing this, this guy came to me in the middle of the night while covered in blood.

‘You said you like me the way I am. I love you too, you will never… You won’t leave me, right?’

Phew, you’re hopeless.

Just die.

Rather than saving the young duke, I decided to break the plot and run away.


“You’re a kid with no blood or tears”.

“Argh! I’m sorry!”


“Where else are you going to disappear and hide?”


“I tell you, no matter where you hide on this damned empire, there’s nowhere I can’t find you.”

The Duke said, but it was not scary at all when he threatened me with such an insecure and desperate face.

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시한부 흑막 안 구하고 떠납니다
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seemanta rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: c03
Ayo this is good. It starts with an accident, then an attepted murder, then an attempted suicide and then man-hunting in garden with a gun. ✨I'm sold.✨
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