I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head


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This is the era where people prioritize science and Martial Dao. After the great disaster, the human race discovered the Ancient Zenith civilization. They entered the Age of Great Cultivation and began their journey to colonize the Kunlun Realm!

This is a time of crisis for humankind and many ambitious powerhouses walk among them!

Chu Yunfan obtained the inheritance of the Alchemy Emperor from the Ancient Zenith civilization and the Godhead of a level-9 supreme being. How will he make his mark in such an epoch?

You’re a genius? Excuse me, I’m the genius!

You’ve got resources? I’ll defeat you with my medicinal pills.

Inheritance? The supreme inheritance is right in my head! Our path is an endless dimension!

This is the third fantasy novel that Xiao Chen poured his heart into since ‘Soaring the Great Wasteland’ and ‘Martial God Space’.

This is a whole new era. This is the Age of Great Cultivation!

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StereotypicallySerious rated it
November 19, 2023
Status: c115
Did you know the protagonist is cultivating the "Mighty Eternal Emperor Method?" That's right the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method. It's not uncommon to see the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method in four out of five paragraphs when reading 'I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head.'

The completely excessive repetition highlights the author's lazy aim for a higher word count. I can't make it any further. My brain hurts.

Another example:

... more>>

(I'm sure I missed some)

Ch. 1: Calm Ocean City was one of the satellite cities under one of the ten base cities – Donghua City. Though it could not compare with Donghua City's population of up to 100 million, it was home to up to ten million inhabitants.

Ch. 59: As the sun rose over Calm Ocean City, the city with a population of more than ten million came to life once again.

Ch 362: Even though Calm Ocean City was only a satellite city, it still boasted a population of over ten million.

Ch. 580: In a place like Calm Ocean City, even with a population of tens of millions, there were not many who could get into Federation University every year.


My overall review is- find something else to read. <<less
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