I Don’t Need a Prince! ~ Reincarnated as the Villainous Rich Young Lady in a Supporting Role Through a Political Marriage, I Have Decided to Live a Life of Luxury in This Current World


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The selfish noble daughter, Rosa Croitzer, is kicked by a horse on her way back from a theater date with her first love, Prince Alex. Thanks to that, she ends up with a large scar on her forehead! However, what’s more significant is that she realizes, “This is the world of the manga I read in my previous life, and I am the villainous supporting character who gets poisoned and killed in the first chapter!”

In her past life, she was a corporate s*ave who died from overwork. In her current life, she’s the heiress of a super-rich duke, with no plans of being poisoned. It’s no joke. She’ll spend recklessly and live a long life! This is the story of Rosa’s struggle. It’s a comedy with no tricks or setups.

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Erumwhat rated it
January 4, 2024
Status: Completed
This story isn't anything ground breaking, but it does follow the title pretty well. The MC is a lady who wants to live freely, and is perhaps a little too obsessed with bath bombs. The ML is likeable enough. Nothing unusual, but always treats the MC fairly. The story wraps up in a timely manner and is satisfying. It's nothing new, but if you want some filler between readings with an independent MC, this will make due.
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