I Didn’t Particularly Want To Farm!


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“Stella, please find the cursed jar and break it!”

In the Credion Empire, where I was taken as a hostage, I encountered these small beings, and their earnest plea was so cute that I agreed to grant their request.

What came out was none other than a pickaxe.
“This is a noble pickaxe, blessed by Goddess Terra! Now, Stella, you too can become a noble farmer!”

Farming, of all things. Despite being a bastard, Stella had always been far removed from such pursuits and simply shook her head, dismissing the idea.
Yet, as time passed, she increasingly found herself drawn to the pickaxe, and it seemed as if the garden beyond was calling out to her.

Strange, why do I suddenly want to farm?


Kai, who had been solely focused on expanding his territory, had never found interest in anything else.
One day, he stumbled upon a mysterious field in a secluded corner of the imperial palace, and drawn by an inexplicable fragrance, he was compelled to approach.

What he found there was… none other than carrots?
“Why are there carrots here…”
“What, were you hungry? You look like a low-ranking knight, you can take that carrot and eat it.”

Charmed by the sight of the unfamiliar woman, who spoke kindly while holding a pickaxe, Kai involuntarily took a carrot and ate it.
That night, “What’s with that carrot… Why can’t I stop thinking about it?”

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딱히 농사를 짓고 싶은 건 아니었는데요!
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Bloodgetter rated it
February 25, 2024
Status: c35
Not that far yet but loving every moment of it and the pacing is good too

Translating team is doing a stellar job in this one.

Ngl, this is really Harvest Moon but make it political vibes hahaha

Update: Sadly got dropped, hoping for it to be picked up
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