I Become Oda Nobunaga’s Wife: Diary of a Ponkotsu Witch’s Domestic Affairs in the Warring States Period


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The clumsy witch falls in love at first sight with Oda Nobunaga!

I leave the battles to my husband (Nobunaga) and work hard on domestic affairs cheats!

I reincarnated into another world for various reasons. Since I mastered magic, I decided to return to modern Japan.

…Well, I made a little mistake and ended up in the Sengoku period.

Huh? I’ve become Kichō? The one who becomes Nobunaga’s wife? It’s a mistake… How did this happen?

Well, if I avoid the Incident at Honnō-ji, I’ll be the wife of the ruler, so until then, while using domestic and military cheats, I’ll lead a slow life—uh, husband? Could you stop trying to bring us into the spotlight of history?

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信長の嫁、はじめました ~ポンコツ魔女の戦国内政日記~
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