I Became the Youngest Sister-in-law of the Ruined Reverse Harem’s Male Leads


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I was reincarnated into a wretched harem story with no dreams or hopes, when the heroine died for some reason.

The shock of the original story being destroyed disappeared after a while.

My older sisters then started to get involved with the male leads.

The playful and obsessive emperor found my eldest sister, who was mature and affectionate.

The blunt and strongest swordsman in the Empire matched with my cheerful second sister.

Meanwhile, my cynical youngest sister was paired with the playboy Head of the Magic Tower.

And me? I’m only six years old, so I’m not allowed to have a love interest.

Anyway, my sisters got along well with the male leads and held their weddings. But…

“Liliana. Call me ‘Oppa’.”

My youngest brother-in-law tried to win me over with splendid illusion magic and asked me.

“Am I your favorite brother?”

My second brother-in-law, the swordmaster, carried me on his shoulders and coaxed in a whisper.

“Liliana. As my youngest sister-in-law, you will live in the Imperial Palace and be treated like a princess.”

My eldest sister nodded nonchalantly upon hearing the Emperor’s declaration.

But I only want to go back to the time when I lived with my sisters and there were just the four of us?

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피폐 역하렘 남주들의 막내 처제가 되었다
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2 Reviews

Oct 04, 2023
Status: c7
New at this site.

Anyway, I was a bit cautious in reading this book in case it led to older adult figure feeling attraction to a minor but thankfully became pleasantly surprise at the innocence and guffaws read so far.

In my understanding the MC appears to have 4 older sisters and a brother that hasn’t been spoken of much. Like the resume mentioned the FL mysteriously died but no corpse has been found. Giving chance for the obsessed male leads to fall in love elsewhere.

it’s laughter in each chapter but I... more>> sense something dark brewing in the most mysterious of the male leads. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Depressed Reader
Depressed Re
Nov 12, 2023
Status: c11
I like this novel a lot. It's cute, and there isn't anything bad about it from what I read. I like the dynamic between the male leads and MC's older sisters. The only complaint I have is the lack of chapters, but that's only because it's new. Overall, I would definitely recommend.
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