I Became the Witch Who Destroyed the World


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I destroyed the world to see its Annhiliation Ending.

And I possessed my Character Olivia in the game.

However… … .

[The world is rebuilt.] – NPCs killed by you return.

– Princess Aria hates you.

– Sword Saint Kiel wants to slit your throat.

… … Isn’t that a bit of a regression?

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세계를 멸망시킨 마녀가 되었다
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New mustachemerlin rated it
May 6, 2024
Status: c77
Basically, she played the genocide route, but then all the important NPCs regressed back to the starter town at final boss level with memories of her killing everyone. It's like if Sans Undertale showed up in the first five seconds of the game and said "You're gonna have a BAD time" blasting Megalovania with half the cast backing him up.

She's trying to do a pacifist route right off the genocide run and needs to befriend the NPCs at MAX hatred. Like, mu*der her on sight hatred. It's super interesting
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New Pangeareads rated it
April 28, 2024
Status: c69
The novel is one of the more unique one that I have read so far. The story is very interesting with MC interaction with the regressers. Though sometime the translation may be abit confusing, but it's worth the read.
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wazz64 rated it
April 8, 2024
Status: Completed

This story is about, the male MC playing a game and decided to go genocide route one day and that came to bite his (later her) ass cause he fallen to the game world and now all the major NPC retain their memories at the genocide run and its now actively trying to kill him (her) and also the MC has to find a new ending in this super hard game


209 chapters meaning it couldnt really dive deep to all 15 regressor NPC but the npc that got screentime are... more>> ok, the relationship between the NPC and MC are really enjoyable to read, theres some really rushed and unfinished characterization and frankly as the author first book, I wont blame him cause writing 15 different important characters are a b*itch to deal with, not everybody is G.R.R Martin. Theres some story element that gets forgotten and glaringly huge plot holes


why the f*ck does korean author likes to use "the reason MC is here because the future heroines turn back time to help him and accidently started the whole plot" nonsense, like olivia reincarnated to male MC and just so happen to play a game where she originally came from but also somehow all the runs that male MC did are actually the exact runs that olivia did within the f*cking game, like does the inital run did by olivia or the male MC, but since male MC cant exist without olivia dying and not regressing how TF does olivia still exist holding the demon god immortality and simultanously reincarnated to high dimension??, also how TF did male MC manage to replicate 1k+ olivia runs and also whos the dev that originaly update the game that causes the male MC to fall into the game world/ lower dimension, its hinted that olivia did it but then it raise even MORE questions on how did olivia managed to affect the higher dimension where she literally straight up says that "lower beings could only observe higher dimension and nothing more" so then who TF is responsible for all this shit???? Also why TF do korean authors are determined to create this kind of story, it happen in Omniscient reader too, anyway huge plot holes but whatever

but aside from that its quite enjoyable 200+ chapters read

Dont come here to expect the second coming of omnisienct reader, just treat this as decent meal from your favourite restaurant (which is gamelike world), its miles better than your average fast food slop story (korean power fantasy where MC just destroys everything and gets everything) although this story is nothing special too so dont get your hopes up

Final thoughts

Its fine, olivia is an "OK" MC, she gets the job done, the supporting characters/ important NPC are also fine too, they play their job well enough, if decent was a physical being that you could touch then this story fits the feel when you touch/read it, the genderbend tag doesnt really affect the story one bit at all, the MC never questions that now she has a pair of b**ba and also lost his 3rd leg so you can treat that tag as non existent <<less
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novelenjoyer2 rated it
March 18, 2024
Status: --
The story is about a guy who got turned into his game character after he destroyed the world for a game ending, and now he has to survive in the harsh game world with 15 main NPCs with their past life memories chasing for his life.

The plot is interesting, the backstory of the MC is also very interesting but the translation is a bit hard to understand (it gets better with time)

Its an interesting read so I give it a 9/10 (-1 for translation quality)
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FoolishSociopath rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: c40
It’s about a guy who ends up in the body of his in game avatar, Olivia. Yes, it’s a genderbender so beware of that if it bothers you.

While playing the game, Olivia had killed everyone achieving annihilation ending. As the summary explains, all these killed people regress after the dude ends up possessing Olivia. Now, Olivia is trying to reach the ending without killing anyone while everyone wants to kill her.

As the other review mentioned, the translation is a bit hard to understand but not the worst by any means.... more>> It’s very much readable for the most part and seems to get better. <<less
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