I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World


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10 years since transfer to another world

What I do inside the Ivory Tower of Truth isn’t much different from what I did on Earth.


[If you missed today’s attendance for the ‘Principles and Understanding of Dimensional Glass’ course, you’ll get a penalty] If you want to kill the professor who suddenly changed the classroom with a phase transition 2 minutes before the start of class, go ahead. Hahaha.


But why does everyone think I’m the Tower Master?

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이세계 마탑의 갤주가 되었다
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New DarkD
April 20, 2024
Status: c9
Agree with the other reviewer for chapter 1 and 2, but it gets better at 3, 4 and then peaks at 5. Then it gets boring again. The first two chapters are a long unedited stream of conscience trying to be complicated, but failing to review anything he's written. Chapter 3+ seem better, possibly because I've started to understand wtf is going on.

There's a mountain of unique and complicated terminology and objects in the novel that needs to be explained, but never are. There's long sections of forum discussion... more>> on complicated topics that the reader has no hope of following.

Two chapters in, I still have no clue about who the protagonist is. What's his backstory? Why is he in the tower? What his position is?

There was one sentence in the second chapter that called the protagonist an apprentice, which was immediately followed by one calling him the administrator.

So chapter 5 was good, then it gets boring. The plot showed signs of advancing in chapter 5, but I'm on chapter 9 now and they still aren't advancing at all. After chapter 5, they immediately went into a boring side story rather than finishing the plot advance.... And it's frustrating because I don't care about the s*upid side story at all... <<less
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New Misterion511
April 16, 2024
Status: --
It's incredibly hard to read, and not because of the translation, but because everything is incredibly chaotic. After reading a few chapters, I have no idea what's going on.

Why do some useless comments pop up in the middle of an action or explanation? What is this forum about? Why in the middle of casting spell they are talking about forum?! Why does the action every now and then switch to the discussion about the forum or talk about it?!


I never abandon a novel so quickly, I always read at least 30 chapters before I decide but not this time, this one is unreadable.
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