I Became Everyone’s Favorite After Transmigrating as the Mozun


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Wen Zhao mysteriously transmigrated as villainous Mozun, Wen Fengming, from a xianxia novel he had read.

In the original story, Mozun committed a lot of atrocities. Upon suffering from demonic backlash, he betrayed his shizun, injuring his legs and drowned the immortal sect in blood; caused his xiao-shidi’s cultivation to be half-ruined, then he even ripped out the inner core of the sect’s guardian beast. His actions caused the world of the immortals to fall into great chaos. Eventually, he was attacked from all sides, condemned by heaven and earth, his bones crumbling to ashes.

Wen Zhao: …I think I can still salvage this.

Just as he was about to fight to change his destiny, he suddenly discovered—

The above plot didn’t happen at all; he transmigrated to that night when he fell into qi deviation.

His shidi, exhausted from protecting him, tugged on his cuff with a tearful face.

The prideful huge sect guardian, who drained his entire monster qi to suppress demonic qi, turned into a pocket-size tiny beast and fell into his arms.

And his beloved shizun blocked a fatal attack for him, staining his white clothes with blood. With a fiery gaze, his shizun extended his hand to him and said, “Sinful disciple, come here.”

In the cultivation realm, rumor has it that Wen Fengming became demonised.

He also soared to become everyone’s favorite.

And was also…confined.

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After Transmigrating as the Demon Lord, I Became Everyone's Favourite
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Feb 26, 2024
Status: Completed
Hello, one of the translators here!

This is a fluffy and exciting read! Wen Zhou travels the cultivation world in search for medicine for his beloved Shizun, and attracts numerous butterflies and admirers on the way. He's a very relatable and a cute MC, loves to jump straight into trouble but Shizun is always there to rescue him.

Shizun is the highlight of this novel, with peculiar interests, (cough cough, bondage play) but he spoils his disciples so much. Even if he holds unspeakable feelings for someone, he never shows them,... more>> preferring to watch from a distance. This novel has a whole lot of cliche plots, but with the peerless cutie that MC is, everything feels fresh and new.

Spoilers for specific plots that I very much enjoyed,


Aphrodisiac plot 4/4

Little black room plot 3/3

MC meets a powerful beast that decides to serve him and fall in love with him (wait what) 3/3

A tragic side character 1/1

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