I Became A Zombie After Being Deceived And Killed, But I’m Going To Evolve And Become The Strongest ~ Since I Became A Monster, I Tried Eating Dungeon Cores!


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Aun, a solo C-rank adventurer, acquired a magic sword in a dungeon he had luckily discovered that day. However, that night, a party of A-rank adventurers from the royal capital fatally injured him and robbed him of his magic sword.

Aun thought that his life would end just like that, but for some reason he became a zombie and acquired new skills.

“I will become stronger than anyone else and live as I please!”

Starting from the weakest of monsters, he repeatedly evolves to become stronger. By eating the “dungeon core” that forms the core of the dungeon and continuing to evolve further, Aun aims to become the strongest.

The main character, Aun, a man with no patience nor self-respect and is a little foul-mouthed, goes through repeated evolution with his trusted friends who gathered around him by a mysterious fate, and aims to create the best and strongest clan while renovating the dungeon.

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`Mamono ni nattanode, danjonkoa-shoku tte mita!’ ~ Damasarete, korosa retara zonbi ni narimashitaga, shinka shi makutte musō shiyou to omoimasu ~
「I became a monster, so I decided to eat a dungeon core!」 ~ After being tricked and killed, I turned into a zombie, but I'm determined to evolve and become unrivaled. ~
「魔物になったので、ダンジョンコア食ってみた!」 ~騙されて、殺されたらゾンビになりましたが、進化しまくって無双しようと思います~
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TimeVoid rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: c12
A poor story, MC is a moron and beyond unlucky

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1. MC obtained a magic sword and he met a A rank parties along the way which eventually led the development of getting robbed

2. MC magic sword is actually a cursed sword that leeches the user mana and disturb the control the mana which led to uncontrollable output

3. MC turned into monster evolve to another one. In a decision point, he have the option to become a human again which slightly differ than the rest. Sadly, he decided to be not human any more but a monster.

4. Since MC went to the dungeon and ate dungeon core, he should have becoming a dungeon master but the author does not chosen that path and decided that MC became a traveler

5. This novel could might be interpret as the MC evolves into a monster and become strong that led him to be a traveling dungeon master

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September 28, 2023
Status: v01c9
The MC dies, gets thrashtalked to while dying, then he slowly grows OP (around 1-2 chapters...) and finally stops being an undead at chapter 5.

This novel aint written like normal novels, it is just te MC talking all the time at what he does and so on, and it gets really annoying after a while. Once I reached chapter 9 and the author really went all out with spoiling his MC, I just had enough.

I cant really say anything good about this novel to be honest.
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jomuir rated it
August 16, 2023
Status: c46
Just mid.

It's an tried and true premise, and I like how the MC isn't wholly out for revenge but the author doesn't try and make the story unique in any meaningful way.

There is also a few thought, motivation, and action inconsistencies but not so terrible where it ruins the story, but enough to make it a simply average story.
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