I Became a Genius Swordsman in the Pretty Girl Game


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I found myself reincarnated into a game where you raise pretty girls to prevent the world’s destruction.

But wait, what are the guys doing while the girls are busy saving the world?

As it turns out, it’s a world where women are strong and men are weak.

In a world that disregards men, I have to survive as a ‘man who wields a sword.’

But… I’m incredibly strong, you know?

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미소녀 게임 속 검술 천재가 되었다
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New IronHeavy rated it
June 29, 2024
Status: c131
Honestly, I like it; for the mediocre academy harem novel genre, it's pretty good, if you want to turn off your brain and read something easy and fun I can recommend this. Plus the TL is very good too.

Of course, this novel it's like a good junk food, don't expect a 3 Michelin star meal, keep your expectations at a reasonable level.

Plot Summary:... more>>

MC posses a 1-star character in a mobile gacha game in a gender reversal world where women are the strong ones and men are weak, and now he goes around the academy recruiting other strong gachas characters in his party and fighting enemies to save the world

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New gottesurteil rated it
June 24, 2024
Status: c94
Honestly really enjoyable. While I can't discount the other reviews, in fact they probably were accurate, the TL'er has made distinct efforts to go back and fix errors. I just read all 94 chapters in a row, and I can see some comments on various issues, but ALL those issues had already been fixed by the time I read it.

So translation errors/readability aside, I just actually love the story. The MC gets s**ked into a 'bonsai game' - which is a term i've never heard before, but I literally PLAY... more>> three of those games right now at the same time lmao - and he's basically using is F2P-honed knowledge to get ahead. That's where it starts at least. The MC is very hardworking, and while he does use his knowledge to his advantage (all the time, actually), his strength is real, and based upon his own efforts. He managed to use an item to artificially upgrade his sword skills, but it quickly comes out that he's... well... novice at using them. So he actually trains to make them his own.

Aside from his abilities and cheat skills, I just also really like him. He's a genuinely good guy, and he's, well not overjoyed, but the game he transferred into is literally his one passion in life. So he's actually very happy and driven, and more importantly, driven to make everyone else happy! (see what I did there!!) So anyway, he's a good guy, and wants all the girls around him to be happy for their own sakes. And obviously, because this is a harem novel lol, that leads people falling for him. I mean, seriously. He's strong (unnaturally so for a 'male' in that world), kind, and devoted to the people around him and making them happy. It's honestly no wonder how things turn out!

One thing I want to throw out there though, is as of now (c94) he is in no way romantic. I honestly expect there to be problems in the future when he has to actually divorce his emotions about his favorite game heroines, with the real life versions around him. I can't quite call him 'dense', but they're falling in love with him and he's not really at all. That being said, the romance is actually incredibly low-key and slow burn. Can't even really call it romance to be honest - he's just being kind and helping them, and they're having to rearrange their world views because of a male that's not super pathetic and weak. I'd even go so far as to say it's more like the suspension bridge effect: he's uprooting their views and making their lives better, all without romantic intentions, and so they might be 'falling' in love... or just feeling like it. Not really sure to be honest, but let's be real, because of the genre and the nature of the game he's in, I'm 100% sure it'll be harem.

Ironically enough, one of the girls hilariously jokes that they should name the party the 'reverse harem' because it's 1 guy and multiple girls, which is a hilarious bit of reversion from the normal.

I do really like all the heroines so far. Honestly the only thing I don't like (not that I hate it) is that because basically ALL the characters of this world are female, that ALSO means the s*upid one-note mindless antagonists are also female. It's just odd to me to see an absolute moron of a henchmen... be a woman. I guess I do have some inherent biases!

But anyway, for all that the romance is really slow, the plot isn't, and I really do enjoy this. Give it a read! <<less
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June 4, 2024
Status: --

Haanhaan's review downplays how bad the TL actually is.

The review box should be used to review the story, not the translation, but the translation is so awful that it's distracting.

Let's see - typos and mistakes litter every single chapter, but you know what, that's not much of an issue. I can grit my teeth and continue reading, but the dialogue is a jumbled mess, the story switches from present tense to past tense, and, as if that wasn't enough, it also switches from first person to third person.

The story itself seems to be interesting, especially if you're into the genre, but this needs some heavy editing and profreading. You can easily tell that no one proofread this before it went public. This is the umpteenth case where a TL chucks a story through a translator and is like 'Yep, another day of honest hard work.'

I don't want to offend anyone, but I swear, every time I see a moderately interesting novel, and then I see that it's GalaxyTL who's translating it, I feel my stomach dropping. I feel bad for calling out the TL, but a potentially interesting story is being butchered with bad translation and they're trying to make money out of it as well.

The only positive is that at least they're updating lightning fast. But is it worth the trade-off of sacrificing quality?

I'll try to keep reading. If it gets better, I'll either delete the whole thing and apologize, or edit it accordingly.


Edit: The TL has gone over every chapter and edited them. The quality has drastically increased and it has finally become something worth reading. The difference is like that of heaven and earth.

I apologize for my previous review. I hope the quality won't suddenly plummet going forward. I'll eventually add another edit with a proper review of the story.
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May 17, 2024
Status: --

Quite good story I would say, about MC that sent into the game world.

Reverse common sense GAL game world where the male were weaker than woman in physical body, so the woman are the more dominant role in the hunting party in world where gate appears, while male mostly have support role instead.

The story itself quite the usual troupe now, gate themed, monsters and stuff, unfortunately the TL bit of a mess, like the rice soup -> soup -> Gukbap -> Soup, geebus just use the korean pronunciation.

The TL sometimes make the conversation bit confusing as you need to proofread it in your mind before understanding what they talking.

And its only 34 chapters (as this review posted) so still early to rate, as the story mainly in academy so it usually filled with filler, even the first villain's minions haven't appeared yet.


Edit: The TL fixed the translations, as for the nickname TL picked to use 'Soup' for the nickname of one of the FML, and also fixed those confusing conversation (still prefer it in Korean pronunciation for the 'Soup' *iirc 'Gukbap'*, this is just my personal preference) xD
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marceloxv rated it
June 23, 2024
Status: c90
Very interesting dynamic of reversed gender roles combined with interesting MC and side character. New translator is very good so if you tried this novel before but didn't like it because of the translation I'd recommend you to give it another shot since it's really good this time around. :)
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AMissingLinguist rated it
June 10, 2024
Status: c62
For readers who want another male protagonist who accomplishes his goals in another game world, this story does it decently well.

The name of the person who is put into the game is not mentioned often, so I will refer to them as Jin Yuha, the game character that is taken over by the transmigrator. 'Jin Yuha' is transported into Velvet School Life!, a gacha game where most characters are females. Using up whatever resources is left from his game account, Jin Yuha plans to beat the game and save the... more>> world.

There will hardly be other male characters, so expect any mention of new males as villains to be defeated.

I recommend turning the brain off for better enjoyment. This story will definitely annoy readers who want a well written world with realized, deep characters fighting a dimensional invasion by demons. <<less
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