I Became a Gallery Manager in Another World


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One day, a gallery appeared before my eyes.

…And then I was able to see who wrote in the gallery.

All the heroines are ‘virg*ns’.

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이세계 갤러리 관리자가 되었다
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Pluckie rated it
February 11, 2024
Status: --
Ehhh... I don't agree with Chaosrune. I mean, the childhood friend was pretty mean and tsundere, but I don't remember her hitting him because she's a tsundere. Even if she did, she probably didn't do something that's really bad. We even got pass that after ... more>>

she and him became friends with benefits.


Plus, what do you mean by a lot of characters that are down right insulting? We literally have only one character that basically pushed the MC away because of her trauma. And she didn't act like a victim either. Idk what he's on about with this.

After this, there are only 2 other heroines that have interacted with the MC. The saintess and the elf. They aren't acting like a victim to me.

TBH, this is why I hate scrolling and trusting someone's review or rating in this platform. The reviews are D*gsh*t. If the heroines don't flock to the MC and obey him, they're tr*shy heroines.

The reviews are misleading and lacking of any substance. They just don't like it and they don't tell you why they don't and have the audacity to judge it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not stripping anyone for dropping a novel because they don't like how it's done. But for the love of God, don't freaking 1-3 stars it just because you didn't like something that doesn't make sense. That's like saying coffee is bad just because you don't like the bitter taste. Just because you don't like bitter things that doesn't mean that coffee shop deserve a low review just because you specifically didn't like it bitter.

Make the review as constructive as possible with little feelings. Please. I hate how some good novels get dropped because of low ratings and misleading reviews that ward off other readers without trying it because they often write bad reviews with little to no information of why it's bad.

I mean, Chaosrune literally admitted that the story and plot is okay, he just didn't like how the characters came off and rubbed him the wrong way and gave it a two stars. That's an extremely unfair evaluation and defeats the purpose of reviewing something. Isn't reviews supposed to be something that people do to make an overall analysis of a story regardless of how you dislike it? I hate the degeneracy of Mushoku Tensei, but despite that, I know that it's good because I watched it. Granted that I'm here enjoying a H novel but that's beside the point. There are times where someone wants an actual serious story and there are also times when we want pure h**ny.

There are also a lot of trolls who just puts 1 star or 2 star just because so it's really hard to find what's really good or not. <<less
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aPizza rated it
February 13, 2024
Status: c41
Imma make this review to add on since the first two aren't very helpful.

This novel is very good. The plot is basically chad MC gains a bulletin board-like chat powers with heroines who already have it before him. Turns out, a goddess wants him to f*ck all the heroines to save the world using the chat or something. With the chat, he has admin powers to see the heroines info (name, fetish, s*xual experiences, etc.)

The heroines, as described by the first two, have very strong personalities.

... more>>

Up to what I read:

Super tsun-tsun rich childhood friend who's secretly and massively in love with MC.

Crippled girl with strong trauma, super depressed, tries to denies her wish for affection.

Innocent nun saint who's hiding her massive badonkers and a massive masochist breedable wishing to be dominated closet pe*vert (latter part becomes true after meeting MC).

A really old young teenage (both physically (kinda) and mentally) elf who wants to have her youth.


For now, it's a good mix of getting to interact with the closest heroines and H-scenes. I really like the build up with the saint girl. There's also decent illustrations which are AI I think (might be edited but there is one with 6 toes lol).

Good read imo if you like MC trying to get close to heroines with strong characters for seggs which he does in the end. <<less
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malenia rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: c44
hentai but with text

One of the greatest novels I've read in a while.

a harem novel with good characters and most importantly, Sexy Art in every single chapter

... more>> As a harem enjoyer this novel really hit the spot, starting off strong with a Tsundere childhood friend and a crazy masochist (church) sister, it really hits the spot for me. We get to witness the ever satisfying cracking of the Tsundere's shell and the exhilarating training of a loyal b*tch.

if this little preview excites you definitely give it a read.

I give this a 10/10 <<less
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Auros rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: --
Ok, I'm enjoying this one but there is one thing that kinda irks me... all the people in the gallery/forum are women... But they still show traditional masculine traits in the way they talk and actions there, I mean, some even get h*rny at n*des others sent, like?

This feels cheap, it just feels like they are only women in the gallery so MC can bed them at some point and to not have the heroines feel "defiled" because they exposed their n*des and le*d inner thoughts to some random males.

But... more>> I guess no surprise here, KR culture prefers to have les*ian heroines over males in their works. <<less
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