I Am The Villain’s Lackey With Sign-in System


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Ye Liuyun never expected that one day he would experience something like transmigrating.

However, he didn’t expect that he would transmigrate into the world of novels.

He wasn’t the villain, nor the protagonist.

Instead, he became the villain’s lackey.

Watching the dumb young master who was about to be in trouble with the protagonist, Ye Liuyun immediately prepared to resign.

But unexpectedly!

“Every month, 100,000 yuan in salary, I won’t treat you unfairly!”


At the same time, the system awakened.

No matter how chaotic the plot is, as long as he’s on the scene, he can trigger plot points.

Since then, in every plot, Ye Liuyun’s figure can be seen.

Sign-in successful! Obtained: Max-Level Immortal Thief!] [Sign-in successful! Obtained: Godly Seven Kills Order!] [Sign-in successful! Obtained: Magnetism Fruit!]

Thinking he could trigger plot points calmly, but unexpectedly, all those female leads kept flocking to him!

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2 Reviews

New Cobacoba123
Jul 09, 2024
Status: c100
I read the MTL, it just a so - so, rinse and repeat basically.

... more>>

The plot is like this:

1. MC system spot a son of destiny

2. MC go to the place of first plot (the beginning of the son of destiny)

3. MC got the overall plot from the system

4. MC thought can be heard by heroine

5. Heroine got shone by MC halo (I call it this), and somehow dislike the original son of destiny even though some didn't do anything to them (well mostly the son of destiny did something before that warrant hatred to the heroine, but that not the case every single time mind you, that why I call this got shone by MC halo)

4. MC got the heroine even though they literally just met 2 times, and by the 3 times they met, already gone into bed :)

5. MC go to the next plot or the system notify another son of destiny.

6. Repeat again



The story is just rinse and repeat literally. I'm somewhat regret reading the MTL, that why I have enough just with 100 chapters. The thing is, The MC attitude toward heroine and the heroine attitude to the MC is what disappoint me so much. There literally no development that really matter so that they can become an item. To me it just feel like the author just randomly adding another character and forgot (most of the time) the before before heroine. I mean, the MC harem seeking attitude is too much for me, he literally say yes to any heroine (he just say yes because they are beautiful without some emotion attachment), it just became somewhat like a b***h in heat. TH ONE THAT I DISLIKE THE MOST IS THE TAG YANDERE, IT JUST FOR CLICKBAIT!!! There is no yandere in here. Why do this to me... I just wanna read a yandere story. But it's okay because I somewhat like villain story too.


Well it somewhat an okay..?? To pass the time. But I only recommend this if you didn't have another thing to read. The translation is okay though, just the story is so so. <<less
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Daoist TaiChi
New Daoist TaiCh
Jun 19, 2024
Status: c9

The MC (ye liuyun (also has a sign-in system that basically replaces everything the original MC (long tian) is good at

... more>>

female leads of the story can also listen to the mc's (ye liuyun) thoughts, so they dislike the original MC of the story (long tian).


So it's a typical story isn't unfolding in the right direction, and all the female leads fall for ye liuyun rather than long tian...

However, one aspect I dislike is that MC works for the villain (young master that pays well), but doesn't let the young master win over the female lead he liked (which lackey steals from their master? this isn't rome this is china!) thus I can only rate it 3* <<less
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