Humanity Itself Is Strong


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Even though he wasn’t aware of the talent he had, Lee Jin Seong was on par with the rankers.

When he was about to die, he went back to the days he was young.

『Human’s strength』

Between the monsters pouring in, the teammates started to collapse.

Even his teacher, whom he trusted and relied on, lost his life.

Soon after, when the devil’s black forearm catches Jinseong…

[The wheel of fate chooses you] “……!”

There is no mercy in my way, not anymore.

Holding his sword, he stands in front of the world once again.

He will rise higher than anyone else!

Jinseong, his heroism has just begun.

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인간 자체가 강함
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Stompound rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: c2
The story itself seems to start off fine plot-wise and I like the premise. But the translation needs a better editor. The story is incredibly difficult to read right now probably because many sentences are translated too literally. Take this sentence from chapter 2 as an example.

Then, the text was read quickly. The content didn't matter.

This sentence, and the sentence before it are worded in an incredibly weird fashion. These are not things an English speaker would normally say. It sounds robotic. Just looks like an unedited translation to me.

There... more>> are many other sentences that sound awkward or wrong throughout the first two chapters. Enough that I can't bring myself to continue.

Regarding the website itself that the translation is hosted on, it could use some work. It's a bit slow, the dark mode is hard to read, the next/previous chapter buttons don't work correctly, and the ad setup is annoying.

I gave it 3 stars because if you're more patient than me or care less about the quality of the English you still might enjoy this story. If you like these kinds of stories, don't mind unedited machine translations, and have some solid patience you should definitely still give this a try. It might still be a good fit for you. <<less
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