How to Raise a Baby in an Apocalypse


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As the apocalypse arrived, An Ran, a mother with no incredible powers, no space, and no husband, had only a bun in the oven that piteously cried for food and a wood based power over plants and flowers.

Others robbed supplies and killed zombies, causing the apocalypse to flourish with excitement.

She killed zombies for the sake of robbing baby formula, complementary foods, and toys. After doomsday, she lived a life of raising a baby with zombies blocking the road and being chased by her ex-husband.

Ex-husband: “We divorced for 7 months and this baby was born at full-term. Do you still refuse to admit that the baby isn’t mine?”

An Ran yelled uncontrollably: “Can’t it be the result of an affair?”

Ex-husband: “Then was your partner my twin brother? Otherwise, how else is this kid’s nose, eyes, and lips exactly like mine?”

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Raising a Baby in an Apocalypse
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RlngFmas rated it
March 14, 2024
Status: c370
A so-so read in my opinion. If you're looking for strong willed female MC, who has her own target, and realistic mindset in Apocalypse setting then try this.

Same as the other reader's comment, it starts off very cool, and thrilling with MC relying on her self, with her increased in strength and fruit knifes, to both saving her new born daughter, and savely getting out from the hospital. After that it's about her journey to find some where safe to stay and live as a family. I got bored with... more>> MC, ML, and story flow a bjt, so don't really know where she ends her journey.

I'll put my short (maybe?) spoiler here


As I said above, MC was recuperating post-birthed in the hospital, together with another 2 ladies. She worried about her daughter, who got treated in the blue light room, in another floor, so she climbed the stairs to the said floor (mom's strong willed!). While at it, she found that people's getting weirder (actually incubated state, so no attacking) and retreated back to her ward. Everything got worst, no contact to outside, and eventually MC and the ladies found out that the weird people are becoming zombies. MC still has the same goal, finding her child, but the corridor got blocked by ready-to-hunt zombies so the window is the way. MC got to the blue light room safely, found her child and the 3rd lady child, stayed there for days learning and struggling to fight zombies. Eventually, she cleared the entire floor and got back to the ward.

A little vent here you can skip, so the 3rd lady is tr*sh, she abandoned her child right away, and the 2nd lady, who her child either turned or got eaten by zombie, adopted the child instead. MC planned to escape, and both 2nd, 3rd lady tagged along. Things went down hill, because of the 3rd lady, she carry her child, coaxing him and all, but then zombies chased her, so she abandoned her child to escape, using him as a loud speaker. Worst, the 2nd lady went back to find the child, and MC's view is that both ladies are pig teammates, though 2nd lady a bit better, because she's willing to sacrifice for the child (At this point, though it's true, I still suspect that MC's attitude a bit arrogant). The reason MC didnt go back to help 2nd lady is because of her daughter's (I know she's a child, but still she's being useless) screaming non-stopped. MC got out sith 3rd lady, whom MC abandoned on the side because of her selfishness. Until c370, the author never mentioned the whereabouts of 2nd lady. End of vent.

Okies, so MC went back to her community, ignored her 6th sense that telling her its bad, and jackpotted the whole community got controlled by security guard men. All the others guard were bullying women except for head guard (Tao Ge). MC teamed up with neighbor lady (who has a son called Heng heng) to kill security guards, it's a fail because MC got caught by Tao Ge who has power ability, but then recovered from his depression over losing his wife and son after seeing MC and neighbor children, so he decideed to protect them. The mice zombie raided the community, so the party decide to relocate, and got caught by gangster. The gangster was bad, bullying underage girl and women, MC save a girl, mint mint, while escaping from there (they can escape due to ML wrecked a harvoc the gangster camp). The team got crash in the shopping mall, the team got divided because the daughter (again) screamed attracting zombies and Neighbor lady hesitant to let MC into the car, 1. Tao Ge, Heng heng, neighbor lady, and 2. MC, daughter, mint mint. Out of desperation, MC learned of her plant power that can be used to eat zombies. MC decided to not care about neighbor cuz of her prior doing (again, it's written off like she understand but she'll bear this griefness in mind, so not really understand?). At the end, neighbor died because encounter with new copper zombie. At the end they got out, met with the previous gangster's leader, and decided to relocate to advertised Base (cant rmb the name haha)

Another vent here, tbh, Mc's plant ability seems so OP at first, but only a 1ens or so chapter it flopped, cant even restrained the copper zombie. Also, Neighbor got bitten by zombie 2 times just like MC, back in the hospital, but got infected. It's really heartbroken because the Neighbor lady seems as desperate as MC in protecting her son, so why author? Also MC's ability to rush plant's growth seems to give birth to mutated plant too, as of c370 MC cant controll it, I believe the mutated lily in this part still alive and well in the shopping mall. End vent.

Last part of what I read here, so MC met with ML (always the mentioned as an ex husband in all the c370s). IDK why ML chose to believe the words of unknown lady (actually a victim of Tao Ge's subordinates playing) framing MC got bullied by Tao Ge, even though he watched the community's footage. In this base, it's politic stuff, ML being annoying, and the gangster boss planning to take MC. The team met another companion whos a water ability with her aunt doctor, they helped MC to perform surgery on mint mint from cryst (at first they thought an infant due to her time in gang). The hospital where surgery was performed got raided by mutated mice, then they escaped to face with mutated cats, and retreated back to base to find copper zombies.

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Naimena rated it
November 21, 2023
Status: Completed
I can't say it is a masterpiece but it was interesting enough to keep me reading for more +1000 chapters (admittedly short ones but still). The world building was great on the powers and mutation evolution side, there were some creative twists although most of it is the usual element based powerhouse. There were no explanations about the apocalypse itself but the FL doesn't have any interest in it beyond making sure she and the baby survive so it wasn't necessary.

What I liked the most was how... crude it was... more>> at some points and how it didn't gloss over the non glamorous stuff. FL is a new mother at the beginning of the novel and she actually was portrayed like it. It starts with an epic, thrilling path getting to her daughter in a zombie infested hospital, planning a way out and redefining her outlook on the way. FL isn't a holy mother either or tyrant wanna be, that's nice too. She's just a devoted mother with decent enough morals.


Of course, she is the boss of the most powerful human base at the end, but it was kind of an accidental acquisition since people insisted on approaching her for protection. Surprisingly, daughter wasn't likeable, she was a total brat


Not a fan of ML, he's kind of manipulative. Not annoying but not interesting either. Okay support tho. Responsible special forces soldier who really wanted a family. FL is queen. I don't feel the romance, but that's probably the point, it isn't really a romantic story. I quite dislike the way her personality totally changed to dumb and mute whenever the husband appeared. She's described as a simple minded person but still...

Overall, it is a decent novel. Rating 4 stars because first part was 5/5. Ending wasn't impressive but it was sufficient. In short: first part is epic (escaping and surviving), middle part is boring (looking for a home), and final part is okay (politics and fight for human survival) <<less
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