How a Villain Defies Destiny


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In the prologue of a game, I possessed the body of an extra villain who became the opportunity for the male leads and heroine to meet.

The game just simply said, ‘Laura Laurus took advantage of his weakness to demand Yve’s love.’

Since it was described as such, when she read it, she vaguely thought that she was a villain who liked the male lead.

‘I’ve never heard of a relationship this deep!’

The silver eyes that always sparkled so brightly seemed to have become dull and sunken today.

“Laura, where have you been?”

“I have some business to run for a moment.”

“You’ve been hanging out with my brother a lot lately.”

“Well, that’s…”

Since it was a story related to the original work, I couldn’t tell Yve.

The more I couldn’t answer easily, the more Yve’s eyes became cloudy.

“Are you going to abandon me?”


“I have dedicated my first time to you…”

For a moment, I tried to say that it was the same for me, but I regained my reason.

Laura didn’t know why Yve was like this, but she seemed like she needed to calm down first.

“Yves, you seem to be mistaken…”

“Or maybe… are you already sick of me? I admit that I was clumsy because it was my first time.”

A red warning light flashed in her head. It must be a signal to run away quickly because something strange is going on.

But I couldn’t move because of the strong arms that wrapped around my waist.

“Give me one more chance. I can do better next time.”

No, I don’t need it, I’m fine!

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How a Villain Defies Fate
악역이 운명을 거스르는 방법
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1 Review

Apr 16, 2024
Status: c1
Liking this so far! I like how the MC and ML are interacting right now and the build up. Its usually the MC doing something “off script’ ” when she finds out she had transmigrated then the ML falls in love suddenly. Of course the ML is going to fall in love bc she’s not the same person but it’s good to see them actually interacting and learning more about each other.
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