His Highness the Crown Prince Always Wants to Marry Me


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She was the Queen of The Variants in the post-apocalyptic world, but after perishing together with the Zombie King, her soul transmigrated into a foreign world.

There, her heartless mother abandoned her husband and daughter, while her beauty daddy laid low and mysterious.

The variant abilities were difficult to trigger?

Not to worry, we’ve got the sickly Crown Prince that was poisoned from head to toe that she could absorb endlessly, he was the source she could use to activate her ability.

Flirting and flirted with, no one knew just who was indulging whom. Beauty flirting, just who’s heart was confused first, only waiting to turn into a wolf and gobble up.

Reincarnated, the queen had returned, the Crown Prince was beside her, and she had the world!

This was the story of the Queen of The Variants transmigrating to a fantastical foreign world, where she begins a life of being pampered, contracting spiritual plants, fervently researching inscriptions, fighting monsters and advancing, ‘abducting’ a black-bellied seductive Crown Prince as her loyal canine, and journeying to the magnificent summit of life.

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Doting the Peerless Beauty: His Highness the Crown Prince is too Seductive
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May Our Dreams Come True
May Our Dreams Come True rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: Completed
Hey there, same translator as MEIWITA from the same author. For those who've read MEIWITA, this novel's world building is definitely much more developed than MEIWITA, and the author's definitely improved in writing characters as well, more or less. It has a similar feel with a rather a smooth-sailing journey for our protagonists to the summit.

For those who don't know MEIWITA, well, this story has:

  • Strong, OP (more or less), mature, independent, black-bellied female lead (and male lead) ;
  • Strong, healthy, devoted love (no misunderstandings, no silly fights, only complete respect and support for each other throughout the novel) ;
  • xuanhuan/cultivation (a bit different considering this one uses plant to level up) ;
  • Feel-good plot, just journeying with the characters on their path to the summit;
  • Doting family (except a certain someone. A bit of a spoiler, but not really, it's established pretty much in the first chapter.)
Basically everything that MEIWITA has but an improved version, and once again, 5/5 stars is because I personally like this novel that I've re-read it despite it being 3000+ chapters for just a good turn-off-my-brain (kinda) and enjoy feeling. It definitely has it's cliche flaws and people will mention it might be a mary sue/gary sue situation, but regardless, I love it. I only translate what I love. It's a pretty smooth-sailing plot and a generally light-hearted... more>> read. Nothing too heavy, and it gives a mostly feel-good feeling. <<less
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Laindesh83 rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: c90
It is an interesting read, I can't hold it to top standard though it's certainly above average.

The characters is interesting enough. Its the Iceberg ML type while the female puts up a smiling facade, but can be violent and cruel, though rewarding\loyal\protective to those she considers friends (an eye for an eye type basically).
The rest of the cast comes in different colours and if you enter with stereotypes in mind you'll be suprised that isnt the case with all of them.

Writing\translation is also good.

Do I recommend it? Yep, atleast give it a try.
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March 18, 2024
Status: --
So far the author of this work seems to have learned some lessons compared to the previous one, but I'm not too far in yet.


One immediate plus is the MC's dormmates. With one or two exceptions almost all the female characters in the last story were karens. To the point that I thought it would be a refreshing contrast if all her teammembers were women that were true sisters/bros. And the dormmates here seem to be shaping up to be that. Unfortunately it looks like most of the other girls will end up being 1 note petty antagonists that are just there to be face slapped but here's hoping I'm wrong.

I also didn't much like how the MC of the last story wasn't dense towards the feelings of the guys around her but kept things ambiguous. Never turning them down directly, nor giving them hope, but still indirectly charming them at times and not making things clear when they took it wrong. Ironically to outsiders it could have appeared like she was trying for a harem. In this story the MC straight up beats up the first two guys that start hitting on her. Making it clear that she's not interested. The second ML is clearly defined as a 'comrade' (even tho it seems he might be developing feelings despite her making things clear).

MEIWITA (last work) kinda failed at the end of the first major arch for me. MC gets first place in a continent wide competition that is both a political tool to decide the strength of each nation but also a way for the strongest Sects to gather the best pupils. Yet once she enters a Sect then everyone once again underestimates her, she gives away or uses up all her money/resources, and everyone thinks she's not worthy due her lower cultivation. In short she's more or less back to square one, and it's for contrived reasons. Kinda like when some stories go to a new realm/continent and the MC is (perceived) as a weakling. With this story it's like the author just cut out that first competition arch and started from the school/sect. They may still do the whole going to another realm thing later, but at least this seems like a better start for the story.

Trend on the good female characters seem to be around 50-75% so far. The MC is very possessive of the ML. Too the point you could argue that she's no better than those female antagonists. The difference being she probably wouldn't go so far as to try to force things with the ML. Would she go so far as to kill any rivals in love? Maybe if they cross her bottom line. But not simply due to them being beautiful, talented, etc. She's too confident/proud to feel threatened that way. Now if they dared to touch the ML? Ded. Double standard? Sure, it's easier to see things from the MC's perspective.

On a downside the author seems to still have an issue with potential plotholes. Early on I had a moment of fridge logic when I wondered why the MC couldn't cure her father's poison (given her ability to absorb all poison)... at first I thought they would detail the reasons later as the beginning of the story focused on her entering the school. I even wondered if I missed some foreshadow. In the end the author explains it *after* the MC has cured her father. Turns out it was her stolen blood essence that limited her innate abilities. Even though the prior focus was just on her overall health/lifespan. So not only was this not setup prior to this reveal, but I don't remember the MC ever mentioning taking back this essence as a goal. She just wanted revenge. I also thought it was kinda anti-climatic that her brother just returns it and starts doting on her... It seems pretty forced after all the mystery surrounding her mother's actions (and the clan's involved).

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