Hereafter Apollyon Online ~I’m Just Trying to Build Giant Robots and Play as a Production Class in This Ultra High Quality VRMMO, But Somehow I Keep Getting Misunderstood~


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Mishima Kanji is just an ordinary high school student who likes games and giant robots.

The new VRMMO “HAO” takes place in a sci-fi world and boasted overwhelming combat freedom – you could shoot guns, enhance your body and swing blades, use psychic abilities, or avoid combat entirely and profit massively from item production.

Hearing he could produce and pilot giant robots to fight, Kanji was eager to dive in, but what awaited him was the sheer crappiness of HAO’s game design. After spending all his starting skill points, all he had to show for it was an immobile junk robot and two thick engineering textbooks in English he’d never read. Infuriated, Kanji uploaded the entire textbook data to forums, an act that triggered misunderstandings about him.

Oblivious to HAO’s true nature, Kanji keeps unintentionally reinforcing others’ mistaken assumptions about him.

But unconcerned by all that, this is a tale of his efforts purely for the sake of giant robots.

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『Hereafter Apollyon Online』~超高クオリティクソゲーの生産職で巨大ロボット造って遊ぼうとしてるのですが何故か勘違いされます~
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2 Reviews

New MarketResear
Mar 23, 2024
Status: c21
This seems to be a VR game that is a window into the current future, with our oblivious ML's gaming mindset making huge advancements in the timeline. Also yes mechs cool! I like the more grounded approach to them, and the contrast to the enemy.

The author gets you to the premise in the very first chapter and its off with a bang.

So far as of ch21 everything about the setting is consistent enough for me, I think its an amazing bit of fun. I absolutely love it so far. There... more>> may be some cultural plot seeding/ foreshadowing techniques that don't translate to me as a western reader and the tropes used in Japanese media, but it's still close enough to be fun, although I do get a sense I'm missing something.

The notion I have is our dense protag has a in-world explanation for why they're a dense protag. Its hinted at, and I think we'll see it come out, which makes it feel fine to me for him to be this sort of dull witted about it. <<less
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Feb 19, 2024
Status: c75

To be honest, the novel probably doesn't deserve a 3. The parts I like, I really like, and the parts I dislike, I really dislike. There's a currently missing that's central to the story: Dense Protagonist. The kind of person who could disrupt the stock market and ruin governments' plans and become the #1 enemy of the world without realizing it. The kind of person who could reveal existential dangers and bring together the best and brightest to save the world without realizing it. And, unfortunately, the kind who could have beautiful women tell him they love him, without realizing they actually love him... That's the protagonist.

Aside from my dislike of overly dense protagonists, the novel is a mess of settings that the author clearly just wanted to add for his own amus**ent. The plot is also a mess because


time travel


which always makes a story messy if it's not carefully planned out, and we can't expect web novels to be carefully planned out, can we?

But enough about the bad; the good is that it's fun. The protagonist, while overly dense, is a proactive guy who works to achieve his goals. The setting is a mess, but it's a fun mess that doesn't take itself too seriously but doesn't go so far as becoming a parody of itself. The plot's is also not bad for a serialized work. Enemies are not s*upid, the protagonist is not almighty, as the conflicts grow serious the protagonist puts in a lot of effort to protect the people important to him, as a mecha protagonist should.

Overall, if you accept the dense protagonist and relatively weak foreshadowing abilities, and if you like the genres, the story should be enjoyable.

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