Her Celestial Masters and Handsome Men League


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With a loud “Boom”, Lian Youyou fell from the sky, flattening a mountain.

Is it transmigration? Is it transcending a tribulation? Or was she kicked out of the heavenly palace by some fairy? Who knows?

Is she a fool? A loudmouth? Or a charlatan? Who can guess?

The imperial court established the Ninth Gate and Eight Divisions of the Heavenly Dragon Guards to investigate paranormal incidents and complex cases across the land.

Lin Tingjun from the Eight Divisions came to investigate the incident of the falling meteor.

But he got stuck with a loudmouth woman, Lian Youyou, who was incredibly clingy.

White-haired wolf demons on the mountain, a noble young master turns into a butterfly and disappears, the mysteriously vanishing palace maids…

One after another, these paranormal cases seem to be caused by demons, but are actually human deeds.

One by one, these complex cases seem to be human actions, but are actually chaos caused by demons and ghosts.

Is it humans tricking? Or ghosts tricking humans? Is it humans acting as demons? Or demons acting as humans? Who cares?

The onlookers just enjoy the show!

As the investigation goes on, how come Lin Tingjun and the other Heavenly Dragon Guards also have their own goals and stories? And what divine being is Lian Youyou?

Ancient dimensional monsters are stirring again, eyeing the Earth greedily!

Divine affairs, demonic, monster, human matters—all pale in comparison to the great task of protecting the Earth undertaken by Lian Youyou and the others!

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