Heat the Pig Liver


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When I reincarnated, I became a pig! But if I get a cute girl to take care of me, this kind of adventure doesn’t sound bad at all.

I’m an ordinary otaku who lost consciousness after eating raw pig liver. Just when I figured that I was reincarnated into another world, I discovered I became a pig!

While I was collapsed inside a pigpen, Jess, a girl who can read people’s minds, helped me out.

Oink! She’s cute! From a pig’s perspective, I could catch a glimpse of something underneath her skirt hem. It was white…

“Um, I can hear your thoughts…”

Oh crap! My desires are being exposed!

“If that is your wish, just a peek is okay.”

Eh, what…?!

A life where an innocent girl takes care of me and accepts (albeit a bit taken aback) my beast-like desires. Yeah, it’s not so bad being a pig.

This was supposed to be our oink-oink-like grand adventure, but… Hey Jess, why is your life being targeted?

Now, this pig with no magic or skills must use his knowledge, wits, and sense of smell to save this girl from her cruel fate!

Associated Names
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Buta no Liver wa Kanetsu Shiro
Butareba -The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig- (Official)
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zoidszzz rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: c2
MC is a normal pig with no super cheat ability or power witch is fresh since like there are to many isekai with overpowered mc

in this case I like the fact that how a pig can solve problems with big brains thinking hahaha
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Kchlu rated it
April 5, 2023
Status: v3 afterword
Right off the bat, I'm just gonna say that this series is unexpectedly great. I honestly did not expect anything from such a premise, but after reading through 3 volumes, I can definitely say I will be enthusiastically looking forward to future volumes.

To start off, the two leads are work well for this story. The pig, or 'shitty virgin' as he likes to refer himself as has no unique power/ability that makes him traditionally strong. He's a pig, so all he can do is what a typical pig is capable... more>> of. However, he does possess a pretty analytical mind and wits that helps him solve problems that arises. In contrast, we have the other lead, Jess who is the typical 'pure' type of character, that takes no issue with the protagonist's very very honest thoughts. She won't always be so selfless, as she will become more and more willful as the novels go on. This is not so much a character derailment, but one that progresses her character so well that I'm cheering for her every time she does not only exhibit kindness to others. Plus, the chemistry between the two is just so lighthearted and heartwarming, as in they very much go well with one another. Not only that, the supporting cast and minor characters are good, each with their roles and moments. A specific example would be...


Brace, a person who yearned for death due to how she lived and treated for being a Yesma. The fact that I was attached to her, a very minor character who dies after only a single chapter of being introduced says a lot on how great the writing is. What was more surprising to me was that she was given the appropriate respect of her passing in the next volume, which speaks to me how much the author cares about each and every one of the characters.


I haven't even mention anything about the world yet, but all I can say is it has this certain undertone that makes me believe that it is very much alive, with its own history and culture. Of course, I have nitpicks here and there, specifically the ecchi elements sprinkled in, but they don't occupy much of the novels and never ruins any of the serious moments throughout the story. Plus, they are used more for levity than anything else and gives me more good interaction between the duo so I don't really mind.

The translation is also great in my opinion, so it was pretty easy for me to read through and understand the story. All in all, I do not regret giving this series a read. <<less
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