Shin Sekai yori


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In the Japan of a 1000 years from now. A humanity that has acquired the telekinetic power called ‘Jyuryoku’, while terrified of the legendary abominations called ‘A’ki’ (Fiends) and ‘Gouma’ (Karmic Demons), has built a peaceful society. However, a group of children previously under the school’s strict control, as a result of violating a certain rule, have suddenly descended into a nightmare! The false peace crumbles away, as a fantastic archive tells them the truth of humanity’s bloodstained history!?

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From the New World
Shinsekai yori
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bakaemon rated it
July 20, 2022
Status: Completed
I've watched the anime version before reading this. Both novel and anime version has its own merit and I'm amazed that the novel itself managed to thrill me again. Such a great ride for a great novel. I wish I can forget all about the anime and novel, just to be able to enjoy them again.
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Bunnyman13 rated it
July 27, 2022
Status: Completed
A masterpiece 5/5. Everyone should read it atleast once before they die. Not only to enjoy, but to learn as well.

This was probably the most disturbing novel I have ever read. Why? Because of gore? There isnt that much of it here. Because of some adult scenes? They are extremely tame imo. Because of ab*se? Torture? Nope. None of them disturbed me so much as a very fundamental thing in this novel's plot and world history. And the biggest reason behind it was that I could see clear examples of... more>> it in the real world as well. A lot of them actually.

This might spoil you or hint you a little about this somethings on the novel. So,


Let me ask you a question, "Is the sin a people, of a nation, of a race cleared away after the generation that sinned dies out? What reparations do the people, race or nation deserve after the generation that was sinned dies out? Do they get back all of their previous rights? Do they get back all the assets that have been taken from them? And what sorts of punishment do those of the sinners descendants deserve? Should they be held accountable to give back all that their ancestors had stolen? Or do they live freely with no blame at all? "


This novel will make you question who is the villain and who is hero? Is the protagonist actually on the evil's side? Is the supposed villain of the novel truly evil? And how those who are truly evil live freely, with their head held high and spewing justice and rightousness while crushing those who were actually wronged.

Now the plot of this novel was good. The backstory and history of the world was so disturbing and thought provoking. The characters are pretty well written. It has many moments that might make you cry and can keep you thrilled as well.

Now, thats it for now. This is a novel that everyone must read. Not everyone might find some of its parts as disturbing as I found them. But its these disturbing parts that make it a masterpiece. A novel everyone should read and think about before they die.

Now here's a quote from the novel that perfectly says a lot about the philosophical dilemma in this novel.


"We are Humans!"

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